How to Send SMS Messages (Texting Tips)

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Thanks to all of you for sending in your Top Five lists. These are great! Keep them coming, by emailing them to me at [email protected] This one gives us some excellent text etiquette tips!

  • Do not write in “text language.” It is hard to read and you look like an idiot who can’t take the time to spell out words. For example, don’t use: Yo, c u l8r ily!
  • Do not send short text messages like “ok”, “hey”, “no”…ect. Most people don’t have unlimited text messaging. Because if you send someone something like hey, they send back hey, then you say how was your day, they say great, they say how was your day, You just wasted 5 text messages. Say something more like “Hey, how was your day?” Also, don’t send “No-end texts.” There the kind were someone says “Hahaha.” you have no idea what to say next. Think when you’re texting like you are having a real conversation, face to face.
  • Don’t send forwards. They drive people crazy! Forwards are the messages that say, “If you don’t send this to 345 people in 2 hours, the little girls spirit will haunt your for life.” Are you really going to believe that?
  • Don’t do anything on your phone that you can do on your computer! Don’t download songs, check your email and all that other web stuff when you can do it on your computer! You will end up paying a whole lot of money on data charges. Its not that pretty when you get your bill and you see you owe 70 bucks in data charges or more!
  • Last but not least, don’t sign up for all the “Text message Alert” features you get everywhere. Before you know it, your bill will have you paying $100 for all those texts! Just look at it online at your computer. Its also a waste of time for you checking all those texts. Stop being glued to your phone and explore the world.

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80 thoughts on “How to Send SMS Messages (Texting Tips)”

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  3. firstly, you shouldnt sware at a kid, and why would you use the word fag in the first place? You have no idea how much damage it does, and your statement says more about you than it does the 12 year old!

  4. i totaly agree with the tips. i dont text because it is so hard, but i will follow these tips, and tell all my friends, and will start to text more.


  5. That pretty much sums up the top five most annoying things to do with your phone. A lot of my friends are definitely guilty of number one on that list! LOL and ROFL seem to be the top two most overused phrases in the “idiot language” amongst my friends. Anyways, I don’t know what I’m saying that is so funny it makes them Roll On The Floor Laughing?!?!?

  6. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Also about those forwards; NO! Your facebook/myspace/orkut/gmail etc etc account will NOT be closed if you don’t pass this message to all your contacts within 24 hours.

  7. thanks for posting this blog. i now know why my friends yell at me for typing in all caps. keep the top 5 videos coming and thanks!

  8. I hate it so much when people send those kinds of messages with the numbers in place of letters, they’re just wasting more time. When I’m texting or IMing I usually try to type all of the words correctly, but every once in a while I’ll slip if I’m feeling a little lazy that day. Well I hope I can stay awake for the big giveaway tonight, good luck to whoever wins! Remember it’s guys, but you probably already knew that.

  9. Awesome tips I couldn’t have said it better myself… I need to give these tips to my friends so that they don’t send me pointless text messages.

  10. I don’t really like text messages that much. I feel it is just as easy and quick to call the person on the phone. Although texting is good for stealth reasons, like when you don’t want someone to know that you are communicating with someone, it doesn’t seem practical enough for me. That is the one piece of tech, along with IMing that I don’t use. I don’t find it useful.

  11. Those short messeges always make me angry, wasting my money jut to say yes… but I don’t use much shorthand when writing, just a habit I guess.

  12. SMS texts are cool. I use them all the time, although im not on a GMS network. All the matter, I IM and text my friends repeatedly during the day. I almost never call people. They are really easy ways oh communicating when to cant talk (eg. in a meeting, conference…)

  13. SMS texts are cool. I use them all the time, although im not on a GMS network. All the matter, I IM and text my friends repeatedly during the day. I almost never call people. They are really easy ways oh communicating when to cant talk (eg. in a meeting, conference…). I love them

  14. Added to my earlier comment, please continue the top 5 I have found them more helpful than any other video on youtube. Please continue

  15. I agree with the don’t send forwards. I am tired of getting repeated “forward this to ten people or I’ll eat a hamburger” messages. I get two or three of them a day, and people can’t seem to realize that I get charged 10c a message.

  16. I only use shorthand when I’m in a real hurry like when the bell rings at the end of the day and I’m texting my friend. I get unlimited Text messages through US Cellular but I can’t recieve pictuire messages or send text messages to 5 digit shorthand codes.

  17. I really like the second one, i hate when the entire english language is abreviated when some one texts you

  18. have you even used a mac they are so much better, i have a pc and its alright but i also have a mac and i love it, and the only reason why 90% of the world doesnt have one is because of the price

  19. Thanks chris. i use an iphone to text and its really easy. people think that ts really hard to type on a touchscreen but, for me it is easier than a real keyboard. i love it. also, it fixes your mistakes very well.

    thanks chris, you help a lot

  20. This is very cool. My friends and I text a lot, but some of them annoy me when they just use letters or numbers. I will make them read this! Thankyou!

  21. I think it’s fun using shortened versions of words, while texting. It’s faster and easier, but I can see how it might hurt the English language, as a whole. I don’t think it’s anything kids and teens will stop using anytime soon.

  22. I do agree mostly on almost all of those tips except the shortening of the words, such as l8r or cya. If you go too far i can see how that could become a problem… (such as typing in l33t) lol. Great tips!, especially as they were written by a 12 year old :0

    Seem like we have younger people learning more about a computer than the past kids!

  23. Text messaging is an amazing tool that is being used like crazy by teens. It just makes you wonder what will out do text messaging.

  24. I must say that I do pay for text messages myself, and I hate it when people send me ones with one word in them. I do however try my best to spell every word out and make it the best it can be. So in time I get my moneys worth out of the message I have just sent.

  25. Good tips but text talk is good because my cellphone texts are limited to a certain amount of characters. So some text talk is good as long as you dont write the whole text in it

  26. I sent my first text back in October (I live in a very rural area and texting isn’t very popular) and I usually only use it to communicate with a friend that lives away from here. I would much rather speak to the person, but texting is just easier and less time consuming.

  27. I completely agree. I hate (or h8) people who text in shorthand constantly. I even have had people text me and leave out every vowel in the sentence.

  28. My wife is technically illiterate, but addicted to text messaging. On some days she will send me ten plus messages. Someday I must teach her to use e-mail, but for now thankfully the first 3000 messages a month are free! The thing is that she still has not figured out the T9 entry system so I get messages like “she of aghita” and “Got two sins at winners for confeshmo them raveno”.

  29. I don’t think all shorthand needs to be banned. In a lot of cases, well known abbreviations like LOL, OMG, C U L8R are really useful in saving characters. I often use these with friends who won’t have any trouble understanding it and it means I get to say more in my texts. Just as long as you don’t start inventing your own. Mind you we are teenagers 😛

  30. I couldn’t agree more but I tend to stay away from texting on a phone, my main reason for the phone is to talk on it. Also this might help others but if im home and get a text I use to send my replys back to the sender cause its faster for me.

  31. I have stopped writing lol and other “text languages”. Once I did stop I noticed how annoying it is to constantly try to decypher what means what. It’s kind of like sandscript.

  32. Wow, I have told many people to send me meaning ful message and don’t forward me mass texts, I just delete them, If someone texts me hey, I say, Hello, please text someone who will go on for hours of Hey, whats up, nm u, how was ur day?,….5 minutes later……, so whats up, nm u?, ….and on and on it will go. I definatly agree with the don’t use you phone for what you can do at home, It annoys me, some of my friends are like “hold on I have to check me email, or myspace” in the MIDDLE of a conversation! It bugs me so much.

  33. what i think people need to stop senting you large videos that is wasting time lot slower and what i think you watch short videos or smaller it’s less time and faster

  34. Has anyone pointed out that 98% of text messages contain absolutely zero content and thus the whole medium is totally unnecessary? (The same is true of nearly all cell phone calls.) It’s an instance of marketing departments manufacturing demand and sheep buying into it. Why the hell do people have to communicate their empty garbage so continuously – can’t anyone bear to spend one moment in quiet contemplation?

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