How to Buy Xbox 360 Gifts for Geeks

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One of our community members loves playing Xbox so much, he sent me in a top TEN list of tips… instead of the normal top five. Sit back and watch as we check out these great tips for buying Xbox gifts for Geeks!

  • Xbox 360 Hd dvd player This one is listed last because its very expensive.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless adapter This is great if they don’t want to string an Ethernet cord across the room to their 360. Also, it pairs great with the next idea.
  • Xbox live starter pack This is great with the wireless adapter because it can get them started to half of the 360 experience. It also comes with a head set so they can talk on live.
  • Microsoft points These are great because you could buy classic arcade tittles like asteroids. You can also use them to buy downlodable content for great titles.
  • Wireless controllers These have always been great, but now they are even better. They come in Pink, Black, Blue, and the classic White. Plus, going wireless is good so they can sit on their couch instead of sitting 5 feet from the tv. You can also get them bundled with chargers.
  • Call of Duty 4 This is by far an amazing game. It has stunning visuals, great game play, and the live version is awesome.
  • Assassins Creed This is a great game. It’s a fun game, and a really cool story.
  • Bioshock People are saying this is the best shooter so far this year, and I have to agree. The reason it did not make a better score is that it has no multiplayer.
  • The Orange Box This is by far one of the best games ever. It comes bundled with my favorite shooter ever, Half Life 2.
  • Mass Effect This is a great role playing game that has great shooting elements. It may appear to be a shooter, but remember it is a role playing game. If someone dosent like role playing games don’t get them this. It has the greatest story ever, and the voice acting is amazing.


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36 thoughts on “How to Buy Xbox 360 Gifts for Geeks”

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  2. One thing I didnt hear mentioned was the XBOX 360 ChatPad. Or, this one will shock you a USB Keyboard. I personally play Final Fantasy XI Online myself, I do this with a private gamertag my friends on live do not know. But those that have the prerequsite Screenname Know my windows live name and thus can communicate with me that way. Using Windows live messanger on Xbox live requires a “typing” device, I.E. Chatpad or keyboard. The chatpad was only 29.99 last I checked and the keyboard i use for both FFXI and chatting is a Microsoft usb one I picked up fo 10 bucks(Black friday sales FTW!)
    P.S. If you plan to play either of the 360’s MMO’s Phantasy Star Universe or FFXI a usb keybaord is a must.

  3. I just bought my girlfriend an xbox 360 for christmas, and bought her most of that stuff suggested (except for the dvd player). Good blog.

  4. Great games and accesories for Xbox360. I’m probably going to the store to pick some of those things up. But I also think that people should buy the 12 months of the Xbox LIVE gold membership because it has great benifits such as voice chat which makes the gaming much more fun! If not I seen this chatpad that connects to the controller in the same place as the headset and works great! Its around 30$ I think….

  5. Hi, I was very disappointed with the game list in this video, Yes there are great games, I like yet there was not mention of Halo 3, even if you don’t like it, its a great game for a great prices, and its stunning. Yes that right halo 3, go get it as well.

    Mass effect doesn’t rank on my list at all sorry.

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  7. This one is extremely looking one of the most knowledgeable information about Xbox 360. And this one is one of the coolest console to play games. And I am really the great follower of this one. And i also use this one for the entertainment. As the regarding information of this post really enhances my amount of knowledge about it. Thanks for sharing.

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