How to Take Pictures of Pets and Kids

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It’s that time of year again. Families will come together, children will be in wonderful, smiling moods, and you’ll have your camera permanently attached to your hand. Here are some tips sent in by eatsalot, to help you take better pictures of your loved ones.

  • Take as many pictures as possible: thanks to digital cameras, you can take hundreds of pictures and then just pluck out the bad ones and delete them. Some cameras also have a rapid take feature, which is very useful.
  • Don’t make them pose: simply give them some toys (or in a pets case – some treats) and start taking pictures. Try to do a sort of candid shot. These always turn out to have better memories, and be more realistic than any posed picture.
  • Experiment: try different filters and editing programs. You never know how useful software is until you try it. As long as you use a copy of the original to “play” with, you’ll never accidentally lose the original photo due to bad changes.
  • Lighting: make sure that there is enough light, and try to use the flash as little as possible. Reducing the use of flash also means less red-eyed pictures. You wouldn’t want anyone thinking your child or pet is the devil themselves. We all know they’re little angels.
  • Sending and Printing: Make sure when you want to print them to get good photo paper and a photo printer. If you are sending them in an email, send them at the highest resolution possible. You don’t want to send someone a fuzzy picture. A good thing to keep in mind when emailing large pictures, or several at once, is to zip them into a compressed folder, and attach the entire folder to the email.


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18 thoughts on “How to Take Pictures of Pets and Kids”

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  2. there is this kid i know that every picture you take of him he is posed! No matter how hard you try to get a “candid” photo of him you can’t!!

  3. my canon actually has an option to take pics of pets and kids. i really dont use that feature much

  4. That is good tips because I took one picture and called it done. but when I put them in my PS and they sucked so I had to spened hours trying to fix them. Thanks for the tips

  5. The best thing is to put your camera on multi-shot mode, press the button and then tell your kids to smile. Many cameras will take 10 pics in quick succession, and then delete the ones that you don’t want. You will often get a good picture. This is also good for action shots, like running or going down a slide.

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