My Home Office

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People ask me over and over for a tour of my home office. Today, I decided to grant that request. So get comfy, and here we go!

You’re all familiar with my desk, my 30″ Dell monitors, my chair and my Tix clocks. That is the view you see every day as I stream. If we look behind my desk, you’ll notice that there is about a foot of space between the desk and the wall. That is because my actual computer tower is on the floor behind the desk, along with all the cords and connections. I hate looking at cords, and I hate messes. Thus, I put them all behind the desk so I can’t see them.

Next to the desk is a clost that Ponzi feels is way too organized. I dunno why she would think that!! I have some storage shelves and cubes that hold various things, such as software, CDs, manuals, tools and even hardware. Above that on the shelf is my PSP and the games for it. And just to prove what an addict I am, I’ll pop out the game currently IN my PSP, to show you that it is Tetris.

Now over here to the right of my normal setup you see is the Mac Mini that runs the live stream. There is no monitor for it, I run it off of a television. Below that on the shelves of the little entertainment stand, you can see the Xbox and games, along with some DVDs I love, including Christmas ones.

Ahhh, the door to the office. Across the hall is our bedroom, and we are not going on a tour of it today. Next to the door is a little table, and a bench that opens but doesn’t really have anything in it. Then, there’s the other desk that I haven’t even decided what use it should have as of yet. In that corner, you can see a large bookshelf. I love this bookshelf. On it are all my little toys, gizmos and gadgets. We all know what a gadget freak I am!

Lastly, you can see the printer/scanner/fax machine, and the little stand with the phone on it. Then… we’re back where we started. I need to fill my office up some more. The closets and shelves need more in and on them. The other desk is empty. I need THINGS, people! If you have ideas, send them to me! You can leave me a follow up comment to this video, or send an email with your ideas to me at [email protected]

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61 thoughts on “My Home Office”

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  2. Thanks for the tour chris, your home office seems HUGE! If you ever have a child that second desk in there can be for him or her. Very clean and organized. Did you clean before doing the video?

  3. Wow, I’ve never seen the wires side of you. My dad HATES the wires like that. I’mma show him πŸ˜›

    (i will)

  4. chris… you do realize we are almost christmas and you dont have anything in your office to prove it… How about those nice fiber optic christmass tree? It glow and changes colors so you should like it πŸ˜›

  5. Cool! I never knew how much other stuff you had “behind the computer”. It’s cool to see what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks for the tour!

  6. He didn’t explained what are the blinking lights above the monitors. I don’t think they’re binary clocks becasuse I sometimes saw them steady. Maybe network indicators?

  7. yes he did…he said they were Tix Clocks…he didnt describe what a Tix Clock is but it is a clock that displays the time in LED lighted patterns. You can get your own if you want at ThinkGeek’s site.

  8. Hey, thanks for showing us your office… it’s cool you have everything so tidy and organized…

    Quick question, what’s the screensaver running on your dell monitors? it seems pretty nice…

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Now I saw them on TG, they’re actually binary clocks, probably many of them to show different timezones. For who can read them are useful, but if you look at the video “randomly” they make so “computer room” of old movies

  10. Everything in your office is so organized. I wish i can be that organized. your room seems perfect except for all the wires behind your desk. Thanks for showing us the home office.

  11. Wow, Thanks for the tour I’ve always wanted to know where the canon GL2 was locaated. Your home office is very nice.

  12. Nice setup Chris. I really think that the organization of your workspace can impact your work. Imagine trying to remember your username and password for some random site while staring at piles of folders and old windows books sprawled out all over the place. I like how your desktop is well hidden also.

  13. You have an awesome setup man! We just recently built a room in our basement last spring and right now it doesn’t exactly have the “home office” look or feel. My goal in 2008 is to turn this room into the ultimate home office. Like you, I love glowing objects or any gadget that adds something to a room. I already have 4 tix clocks setting on top of my hutch (my desk is only 47 inches long). I’d like to find a desk that has a space in the hutch for those clocks, like how yours are set up. Thanks for inspiring me to start working on getting this room looking like a REAL home office. Take care.

  14. Nice office setup I like the Tix Clocks and your Dell monitors they are so cool!!!!
    I like the idea with your Mac mini and your tv hook up!!!!!

  15. Wow… Ponzi’s right. Your closet IS too organized!! Who knew you could have so much stuff and make it seem you have so little? I wish my room was as organized as that… Anyways, I love your show and keep up the good work!!

  16. dude get some cable cuffs, every big store sells them (I get mine at a hardwear store) :), and their alot better then velcro or the twist-ties

  17. Very clean office Chris.
    I have found a desk that is all most like chris. but,it’s not red.
    very nice, desk. now i need tix clocks. πŸ˜€

  18. I’m new Chris and just heard about you on Ustream as it was the first time on there. Just like to say, your an inspiration! You got another regular viewer! =0>

    Best wishes for the future and the $10,000,000 ;0)


  19. Hey, Chris, I like your home office. It’s all tidy. If only I had a setup like that. I’m not going to tell you what you should, or shouldn’t do, because I’m not mean like that. If I find something you’d like, I’ll be sure to show it to you, though. Also: [email protected] I typed.. what the.. TYPING, OMG. I WROTE this..

  20. You have a nice setup, i on the other hand have a study, with an old fashion desk, nothing to compare with yours though, but at least i have somewhere to geek it up! am i right Chris? πŸ™‚

  21. I don’t want to say anything to offend you or such, but , your quite a OCD person aren’t you . Everything has its place and it is neat and clean. YOur jumble of cable and wires , that are going to happen to even the most careful of computer geeks, has its own foot of space to go wild. Honestly its a wicked set up and I am envyious. However, I think with all of that you have going on your missing a crutical piece of geek gear for your desk. If this has been mentioned already forgive me and just consider this a bump for the first person to mention it, but, you need either/or both …..A. a comic book or graphic novel and B. a toy of your favorite charater or comic star ect. THese things are a calling card of the geek. To display our favorite hero like a trophey . The comic can even have worth, I mean Wolverine #1 is like 100 bucks. The toy (in or out of the box) is the comic brough to the 3 dimension, almost to life something tangable. It is these things that show a road back to our childhood and first blooming days of the geeks we are today. Come on Chris , who did you want to be as a Kid? Spidey , a mutant, or a alien? Let that geek flag fly… get a comic and toy.

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