Time for an Upgrade: PC or Mac?

Peter Cochrane from Northern Ireland, U.K., submitted the following email. But instead of giving my response, I thought it would be interesting to hear what you’d suggest…

Hey Chris, been watching / browsing your YouTube channel for about a month now and I gotta say – great! One thing I found particularly funny was the following: I found “the iPhone rant”, then right after the video I happened to click on next was the one where you’re holding your iPhone, pretty funny in light of some stuff you had to say in the rant video! But mostly I find it very informative and much easier to check up on than reading text in a blog or review. Keep up the good work!

I know you have vast experience with PCs and know a good lot about Macs and OS X. What I’d like to know is or have your opinion on is this: what do I buy – a PC, or a Mac? The particular Mac I was looking at was the iMac for two reasons, it looks great and I can’t afford a Mac Pro (by the time I customise it!). To help you answer this question, I have included what my uses / needs for a computer system are – and I’ll also detail any other relevant information, such as our current wireless network.

He goes on to list:

  1. Web browsing
  2. Gaming [loves CoD2]
  3. Office 2007 [Not a must if he makes the switch]
  4. Synching an iPhone [when he gets one]
  5. Netgear Router compatibility
  6. Lexmark X3480 printer compatibility

We have these coupons and discounts for those of you ready to make the switch from PC to Mac:


Sounds like a difficult decision he’s going to have to make… what would you do? 🙂

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  2. Lexmark printers are currently not supported very well in Leopard. I was in similar position apart from gaming and went with iMac 24″ , since you can easily run Vista/XP on it as well. After two months of using iMac I still prefer Windows though!

  3. Personally I prefer a PC because it was the first computer i had and am accustomed to the style. Thats just me!

  4. The only comment I will make is that if you are planning on buying a Mac right now, just wait and until after the Macworld Conference and Expo (January 14-18). Mainly because Office 2008 for Mac will be available and who knows what good ol’ Steve has up his sleeves. I plan on buying a new MacBook Pro after the conference and am dieing to see what going to be available from Apple.

  5. Even though I am a windows user, I am not sure if I would still stay with windows, I am into gaming so that is 1 point for windows because most games are made for windows, also I know more about windows, so there is another point. But for OS X it is so sleek and user friendly so, I think they’re both great.

  6. hey chris, love the show. i think you should stick with windows. compatibility is not that great right now but once sp1 come out vista should get a lot better..

    keep up the good work.. marry x-mas

  7. Well, let me take a stab at it. I own, and use daily, both windows and mac. My platform of choice is the Mac. (I really hope only other’s with extensive knowledge of both platforms will reply to help)

    1. Web browsing… Easily covered on the Mac with Safari, Firefox, Camino, Opera, etc..
    2. Gaming [loves CoD2] … CoD2 is available for the Mac, but if gaming is one of your top priorities, OS X is not your best choice. I personally play games on my 360, but you can also consider that the Mac will allow you to install windows through bootcamp and you can boot into windows and play your games when the need strikes.
    3. Office 2007 [Not a must if he makes the switch]… Office ’08 for Mac will out out early next year (Jan I think?). Also, Apple’s iWork 08 is currently out and can read the new office 07 file formats. You are covered here, don’t worry.
    4. Synching an iPhone [when he gets one]… Apple hardware will always work best on a Mac, but will sync fine on a PC as well. The new Garageband 4.1.1 update now allows Mac users to create custom ringtones for their iPhone!
    5. Netgear Router compatibility… I have NEVER had any incompatibilities hooking up to netgear, dlink, or linksys routers. You should be FINE.
    6. Lexmark X3480 printer compatibility… Lexmark doesn’t have a steller record for Mac support. I can’t confirm or deny this. You should probably contact Lexmark to clarify. I can say this, if it’s compatible with OS X, 98% of the time OS X will already have the driver and immediately install your printer without any prompt what-so-ever when it’s plugged in. It drives me crazy how Windows pops up a ton of prompts when something is plugged in. Even my logitech webcam installs and works out of box with no additional installs on the Mac

    If you ultimately choose to stay with Windows, please consider your two options currently are: Tried and true XP (a 6 year old OS!) or Vista which has gotten tons of bad reviews and offers little to an average user except a pretty interface and runs about 20% slower than XP.

    If you have an apple store near you, I would highly recommend you stop in and let one of the employees offer some one-on-one time showing you around OS X. Most people are scared to do this because they think they will be pressured to buy. Apple sales people are non-commission and 100% non-pressure. Good luck with your choice!

  8. i would advise you to get a mac.
    i don’t have one myself, but i’d recommend them to anybody except full on nerds like me. if you want to use it for work, games and productivity, get a proper computer, like the iMac or even the mac mini with a nice 23″ screen.

    i reckon all your gear is going to work. hope for the best 🙂

    hope that helps mate

  9. well, i guess if u had a pc before, u could have fun in changing to a mac, or vice versa, since both are quite capabale of doing these tasks with no problemo’s

  10. I would stick with what I know everything would work with. If that means XP, then I guess I’m getting XP. If that is Vista, then Vista is the way for me. If it is Mac OS X, then I’m switching. If I needed certain wishes fulfilled, then I would try to fit in all of them when making my decision. If I couldn’t make something work, I’d try a work-around for the issue. It’s an issue of comfort. If he wants to stick with something he is most comfortable with, then that’s fine. If he wants to risk it, that’s fine too, because there are plenty of work-arounds out there. Deciding what type of computer you want is largely a personal one.

  11. Presuming that the gaming is important enough to significantly influence the choice, I’d say it’d have to be a PC. The iMac’s graphics card (even the upgraded 2600XT PRO in the 24 inch model) simply isn’t capable of running games at the native resolution of the display. Apart from the fill rate, the graphics memory on the 20″ model is a pathetic 128MB, with 256MB for the 24″ model – neither of which is sufficient for holding textures at either native resolution.

    I really don’t understand why Apple insist on providing such terrible graphics solutions with their machines, when a few dollars more would improve the situation immensely. It’s hardly as if they’re selling these machines at near-cost price, is it?

  12. I would stick with the PC.

    You are wanting to game and we all know that gaming isn’t Mac’s strong point. If you are into graphics and video etc then I would go with the Mac.

    However if you wanted to still game you could always use Bootcamp or Parallels to use WIndows Software etc…
    Hope this helps.

  13. If gaming is a major thing more games are available to windows. Lots of pc games in stores have the Windows Game thing at the top of them. So if you want games you can get a pc with a good graphics card for about the same price as just an iMac.
    I would go with a PC judging by your situation. Then again it is totally up to you but you did ask for an opinion so here it is.

  14. Mac ftw. The Mac is an unparalleled experience. If you must play games that are not available for the Mac, the just get XP and use it in Boot Camp (Not in a Virtual Machine). To my knowledge, any of the Virtual Machines (Parallels and Fusion) only support up to Direct X 8, where as Boot Camp supports Direct X 9.

  15. Personally I am biased toward Windows since I work with it all day. I have to say that I successfully fought off an urge to buy and iMac myself. Only reason I thought about it was CompUSA near me seems to be closing and had a 10 percent off and I was toying with Podcasting. After listening to a couple, it sounds like alot of the people doing such do it on a Mac.
    I believe the big thing you want to think about when desciding on what platform to get is what you are getting it for: what types of applications or just for the show.

    Thanks for listening

  16. I took a friend’s advice nearly 10 years ago to try a Mac because I had x, y,and z needs for a computer. Windows could have taken care of x, y, and z, just as well, but I decided to give something new a try. Since then, I have never turned back and only use Windows when I’m forced to at work. Macs will help you get what you want out of your x, y, and z, but they’ll also probably spawn a few new interests, as well– because the iLife software included is so easy to use and surprisingly powerful, you may just find talents and interests you weren’t aware of.

    Go Mac. It will take several weeks to adjust to, you’ll keep learning new tips and tricks as the years progress, and you’ll form an odd (but not unhealthy) loving relationship with your computer. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t tried it before.

    The iMac is a stunning computer. Prepare for a new love affair.

  17. I personally would choose the Mac. I just think its a better overall computer. Customer service is probably better, too.

  18. For the sole fact GAMING, it would still be best to get a PC as you’d be able to upgrade your GPU which is really important. Games on Macs are a little more limited. So, if you’re a gamer like me, get a PC! =)
    Cheers Peter.

  19. I have pretty much the same considerations, except for gaming, I just have the 3 major consoles instead.

    Anyway, I use a Vista laptop and an Ubuntu desktop at work and they fit the requirements but at home I use a 17 inch G4 Powerbook. I would get a MacBook Pro 17 inch and run Parallels or Boot camp if you needed Windows. Vista and Leopard are on par with each other in features and I find that I like some things of Leopard than Vista and vice versa.

    I don’t use any complex Office programs that require MS office so I can get away with OpenOffice or even the Apple iWorks package. And while Office 2007 does run on the Mac there is one major exception: Entourage.

    Entourage is supposed to be an Outlook clone for OS X but it’s not and it really sucks. I should say that It’s fine if you aren’t in a Microsoft Exchange environment but in that case Apple Mail is just as capable.

    So, while I still try to convince my boss that I need a MacBook Pro. I would go with an Apple computer.

  20. Chris… for any new pc owner, I would say with Macs. I have a Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, and a MacBook Pro. I would say for what this user is trying to, a Mac would work perfectly. It can be a hard choice. But switching from Vista was the best choice I ever made. I know Chris can relate!

  21. I think it is a given to get a mac. Also If you want some of the robust power of the mac pro combined with a good price and portability get the macbook pro. The only problem is that macs are notorious for bad gaming experiences; however they offer much more then pc’s on just about everything else.( except third party apps)

  22. Funny thing, I just made this decision for myself. I sold my Gateway laptop and I’m in need of a replacement. After doing a lot of research and looking at my needs i’m, going with a Macbook.
    I have never owned a Mac, I have been a PC/Windows guy going back to Windows 95. What caused me to make the switch? One word, VISTA. Within the next 6 months or so, any laptop you buy will come with Vista in some flavor on it, and there will most likely be no driver support for XP. This will pretty much force anyone buying a new PC to go to Vista. This is an outrage. Vista is the most unreliable/unstable OS sence ME.
    Another great thing about going with a Mac is that I can use bootcamp to run OS X in combo with any OS I want to( XP, Linux, or Vista if I wanted to) So, lets say service pack one comes out for Vista next year and makes it the worlds greatest OS ( yeah right ). With a Mac I can have both, not so with a PC.
    As for compatibility with all your stuff, I can almost guarantee it will be better in OS X than Vista. I f not, just run it on the XP partition you can make with boot camp.

  23. For Gamers who want to switch, I recommend a bare-bones MacPro. Downgrade the RAM and Hard drive from the standard configuration. You can get cheap SATA-II drives elsewhere and you should never buy any more RAM from Apple than you have to.

    Get your RAM from places that rate and test on Macs, and offer lifetime warranty. Macsales.com and crucial.com have great reputations. I just put 4GB in mine for $200.

    You can keep using your existing monitor, but you may have to spring $20 for a DVI-to-VGA adapter.

    And most of all: Ditch the Mighty Mouse. Use the same mouse you are used to using on your PC and the switch will go MUCH easier. (Don’t install drivers for it, though. Use System Preferences to map functions to it)

    In the long run, if you’re a gamer, you’ll be much happier with
    the MacPro than the iMac. You can upgrade the CPU, Video Card, sound card, and drives just like a PC. The only thing that doesn’t pop out is the motherboard.

  24. IMO, if I was to buy/build a new PC, and gaming was a **major** concern for me on that PC, I would stick with windows so I could have way more choices for graphics performance / upgrade flexibilty down the road. I would make sure the system would support a dual video card setup too. If you don’t make use of it now, you might down the road.

  25. I would recommend a iMac. I have a iMac 20″ baseline and it’s great. It works with my HP Deskjet router out of the box without installing anything. Also the 20 inch has a good graphics card although if you want a better and dedicated card + bigger lcd size go with the iMac 24″ , it’s definitely worth it. Also if CoD2 is not compatible with Mac you can always make a small boot camp partition and use it for CoD2. The Leopard CD includes all the drivers you need by clicking next once and your done. Enjoy.

  26. It’s true now as it was back in ’84 when Apple started making the Mac.

    What software do you want to run?

    This goes beyond what software you would like to run or prefer to run. What software do you have to have running? Gaming on a Mac seems to be limited. Not impossible, just limited. Then again, you may just decide to really jump ship and do all your gaming on a console, such as a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii.

    Web browsing? I can’t see either platform having an edge, probably because I prefer to use Firefox, which is pretty platform independent anyway.

    Gaming, the PC has the advantage here.

    Office 2007, well, if you’ve already invested in that, what I said above applies. There are some free choices out there, but you may want to try those out before you upgrade just to make sure you like what you’ll be getting, such as OpenOffice.org. If you like the iLife tools, then that’s a plus for Mac.

    iPhone? iTunes works in either platform, so I would hazard an even here, although there may very well be a plus with a Mac.

    Routers? Every router I’ve had to deal with is either a web page or a telnet. That includes SOHO and corporate. That’s a wash. That said, my experience with Netgear products isn’t good, but not what I would call recent either (I had to deal with Netgear NICs and 3Com NICs that were NOT communicating together, even with each other) As it is, I have a Netgear router just sitting in it’s box for me to set up one day to have an encrypted AP instead of the open AP that I have. I really don’t understand why I can’t have both in one router. A discussion for another day perhaps.

    Lexmark printers? My son who recently bought a Mac laptop connected to my Epson R300 without any issues to print off something that he needed. But it’s not a multifunction either.

    Hmmm. “Lexmark does not have a stellar reputation in the Mac world. So read carefully. If they don’t offer any specific drivers, I would google for them or equivalent drivers.” from here: http://forums.macnn.com/58/imac-emac-and-mac-mini/322782/setting-up-lexmark-x3480/

    And the link on that page that points to drivers doesn’t list that printer either. Googling doesn’t appear to give a good result either. Going with a Mac sounds like it also would entail buying a new printer. Not that I would consider that to be bad thing. Lexmark is another brand that I don’t care for, I would only use a BW Laser from them, not an ink jet printer. And I don’t think I’d trust a color laser either.

    As for what I would do, call me an entrenched old fart (I turn 50 tomorrow), but I would be going for the PC. The mac looks “purdy” . So does Vista. I’m a lot more comfortable with a PC, and my son’s questions to me about his Mac tells me I’ve got a learning curve ahead without anybody that I know of to bounce questions off of. Now me moving to a Mac probably would encourage others to move to Mac just because they like to follow what I do. That would also mean that I would still be in “Alpha geek” mode for Macs and be asked all sorts of technical stuff when I would really be disinclined to do that.

    I just don’t see anything drawing me to a Mac. Nor an iPhone. I’m not even interested in iPods!

    That’s my opinion(s), so take them with a nice grain of salt.

  27. For web browsing and not picking up anything nasty while you’re doing it, Mac is a must, I don’t know about gaming, if he really needs it, Office 2008 will be out soon, synching an iPhone’s certainly going to be better and I don’t know about the rest.

    But for a gorgeous screen, speed, stability, efficiency and just plain fun, there’s no comparison. I get FAR more work done on a Mac than on a pc in the same period of time. There’s much less “futzing” to do.

    There’s just one thing to say. Superficially, the MacOS resembles Windows in many ways. And I’ve seen people use a Mac as if it were a WIndows OS. And I’ve seen complaints about Macs that are rather similar to a person trying to drive a stick shift car in first gear, thinking it’s an automatic. If he takes the time to learn the OS, and treats it as a new item, he will be rewarded.

    John Davis

  28. Personally I would recommend a PC. Although PC stands for personal computer so it could be a mac or windows.. bad joke. Anyway I would go for windows simply because I have found them to be more reliable. I personally own a iBook G4 and it is rather terrible. I’ve had it for about 2 years (going on 3) and have had it sent in to be fixed around about 13-14 times. Yes I am aware that laptops run differently but the point still stands. The only problem I can see you encountering (if any) if you decided to run windows would be with the iPhone. It might not be as compatible due to the mac-windows struggle for power. Really go for whatever suits your needs but if you want to custom a computer definitely go for the windows as you will get more for your money (mac parts are up to $200 more expensive than windows parts :/)

  29. I have a PC and was thinking of getting a mac, but games and the price of a mac is all that kept me away :D, if the person has the money to get one i would say get it if PC gaming isnt to important to you.

  30. I would go with Windows Vista Ultimate, its the only one compatible with the older games. Macs are okay, but they don’t do well processing graphics from games. But again, it does depend on which way you customize it.

  31. well i would have to say i prefer pc very much over mac for i am a hardcore gmer and i have heard of windows bootcamp to convert files to mac compatible but you know what, pc’s are better for gaming, they have more accessories, software, and even more hardware. you want a mac you have to get an apple comuter but if u want a pc u can get a wide variety but if you get windows DO NOT BUY VISTA!!!!! some people say oh no vista is the new thing and it will be the best thing in a few years but you know what? you can STILL to this day buy BRAND NEW software that is still windows 2000 compatible but it isn’t vista compatable. off of that i would say my final choice is windows xp computer.

  32. Well, I think he would be served well with a Mac except for gaming… those $15 video cards that come built in simply do not cut the mustard (at least with newer games)

  33. Mac – PC cross compatibility is becoming so close, that it has almost come down to a matter of personal preference.

    The only aspect that would persuade me to suggest a PC, would be the fact that he’s into gaming.

  34. 1.) Both of them are really good in web browsing if you have the right web browser that is, I prefer Maxthon 2.0.

    2.) If you are looking for good gaming then you will automaticly have to go with the PC, because there are barely any games for the Mac.

    3.) If you want Office 2007, i again, recommend the PC because the Mac is only able to support Office 2003.

    4.) Syncing an iPhone is no problem with any of them, all you have to do is downlaod iTunes and then sync it there, so it neutral between the two computers in that category.

    5.) I don’t havea ny experience in Netgear.

    6.) The printer is most likely only compatible with the PC because most printers were made for the PC, unless you want to go to the Apple website and order a Mac printer if you decide to get a Mac.

    I hope that I was helpful to you on the subject. I will tell you the truth, i wasn’t favoring any sides on this subject, though it is your choice whether you want a Mac or a PC. I hope the choice you make is one that you won’t regret.

  35. I think you’ll be better off with the mac. Simple, effective. Though getting that game to work may be a small issue. The pros: no anti virus or spyware removal tools needed, and it should sync with an iphone no problem.

  36. you should really go for the mac. the mac will last longer than any other pc. plus, macs hardly get viruses. Microsoft makes office for the mac but for email, you would use entourage. Which basically is just the mac version of outlook, not too much different. as for gaming, the mac is really good for gaming. the graphics cards are just amazing and make sure u get at least 2 gb of ram or else the computer might run slow while gaming. when you synch ur iphone on a mac, it takes forever for the itunes to open up if u have a lot of music. as for the mac, itunes opens at the most, 10 seconds. i use a netgear router as a wireless router. i have no problem connecting it at all. it connects every time and the wireless router is in the basement and im on the top floor. and for the printer, if it doesnt connect right away like mine did (hp photosmart c6180) then you could by the sofware off of lexmark.com or any other retailer. you know what they say “once you go mac, you’ll never go back! Brandon

  37. As a recent convert I will try and give you a completely unbiased answer.

    First off if you get the new iMac then you will be able to play great games like COD2 seeing as Apple is beefing up their game support with studios like Activision and EA jumping on board. On the other side just about every game out there is on the PC so you can expect to play everything. With the PC you can customize just about everything with your PC but this is also a downfall. When you buy a new PC you usually have to update it to play the best current games, which usually gets pricey. With the Mac though you can expect your current system you can play all of the new games for the mac, heck they even support g4 hardware.

    Now with web browsing you cant go wrong with either platform. But remember with the Pc you are open to many viruses that are not present on the Mac. So with either system it only matters what your connection speed is, and you can use Safari or Firefox on any platform.

    With Office you can get that on either platform as well. Also with the Mac you can get iWork 08, which is Apple’s answer to Office. With iWork you can expect a better presentation program called Keynote that has outstanding transitions and effects.

    With the iPhone, just go with the Mac, it was built for it 🙂

    Your router should work flawlessly with both systems but there is some problems with printers in Vista so please use Google to find out if it compatible.

    So its really up to you for what you want in your system. I am just saying from personal experience that I have had a better time with Mac, and I was a PC only user 12 years. Remember the iMac is a great value and with iLife 08 and iWork 08 you have all of the software you will need to get started.

    Good luck and if you need any more answers… well answered you can always e-mail me at [email protected]

  38. I have just ordered a macbook with leopard and bootcamp (preinstalled), and I am really looking forward to having both sets of mac and windows programs, but i am wondering about the games on the windows partition. The apple website says it runs at native speeds but i have no idea what that means! My pc i still have now, and am commenting with doesn’t run games all that fast, although it is good enough for me. If the mac is the same or better at running games than my pc i will be overjoyed! My Pcs stats are- Intel Celeron M CPU 440 @ 1.88GHz, 0.99 gigs of ram, 254 mb video card, and about 30 gigs of space left. My Macbook will be a Intel Core Duo 2 at 2.2 GHz with 2 gigs of ram, 120GB hard drive and an Intel GMA X3100 graphics processor with 144MB of DDR2 SDRAM.

    Can you send a response to my gmail account?
    Thanks from a fan and a subscriber!

  39. i have the same problem i cant really decide i think im going to get the mac mini even though i want a mac book but i have to because of the price 🙁 lol

  40. With the ability to be able to run Windows XP on a Mac via the “boot camp” feature, its possible to play your favorata games and still buy a Mac. Plus with all the viri out there, MacOSX is far more secure than Windows, not because it has less security vunerablities but because nearly all OS viri are written for Microsoft’s OS and not Apple’s. Plus with the usability and features of Leopard, MacOSX is really now is coming into its own.

    However, the downsides i can see with an iMac for one is the onboard graphics that Apple use. The best graphics you can get for an iMac it seems is a ATI 2600. The lower model iMac sports a ATI 2400. While this is more than enough to run CoD2, its not exactly a powerhouse of a graphics card. As for office, well there is always Microsoft Office 2008 so thats not a worry, youll be able to continue to use Office while using an Mac. I very much doubt as well that you will have much problems with the iPhone, it being a Apple product and all, it should all work seemlessly with Leopard, but dont take my word for it, things can still go wrong.

    As for the netgear compatibility, i see that the iMac’s come with onboard wireless, so as long as your router is wireless, i dont think your going to have many problems there unless there is some specific problem with netgear routers and MacOSX that i am unaware of. The Lexmark X3480 might be a bit more of a problem because from what i can see, Lexmark havent got a stellas reputation when it comes to Mac Drivers.

    And from what ive been able to find out, from this forum
    http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=287772 it appears your printer is not supported by MacOSX however even due to the fact that model isnt made anymore, they still made a Vista Driver. Also ill go ahead and point out that from what ive been able to gather, netgear wireless usb sticks wont work under OSX so if you use that to connect to the router there maybe some problems.

    After giving your problem some considerable thought, i have come up with 2 solutions really. You can either go with Apple and get an iMac which will do most of the things you are asking for, however with a few snags but if your willing to look for and buy mac compatible hardware that you need then thats pretty much it, get an iMac. However if your not willing to change your current setup, aka printer and router if the router isnt supported, i know the printer isnt but im not 100% sure about the netgear router, it maybe, it depends on how you connect to it, then i suggest you go and buy a PC or build a PC yourself.

    I’ll say this in defense of the PC, it may not be the best platforrm however it is currently the dominant platform and therefore you can be pretty much promised that your hardware will have drivers for it, dependant of course on the age of the hardware and what operating system you use. So if you want to keep on using your current printer+router than I would stick with a PC.

    On a personal note, if it were really down to me to choose for you then i would go for the iMac. Even though ive been a Mac-Hater for a long time, i just cannot deny that right now, Apple are hitting home runs. With the failure of Vista, a lot of people are now genuinely considering the Mac as an alternative to a PC. Really though we cannot make this decision for you, you need to make it yourself. If you feel you are willing to change some of the other hardware you use though, i wish you all the best and i suggest you take the dive and get an iMac. And look at it this way, you get to experience a whole new operating system and a new way of doing things, which is always good because it means your learning.

  41. I would go with a pc, but I wouldn’t go with windows vista.
    Microsoft should have discarded the vista theory long ago, but they kept it and sent out the sorriest excuse for an operating system you can find.

    I would go with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. or Media Center Edition.

  42. I picked a PC for the reason of most software i use is PC used. So that my choice i have been thinking about switching to a MAC for personal use. It all depends on what avalable when i go to buy for mac software.

  43. I personally think a PC would be a good choice. They should have drivers available for everything needed, and PCs are generally cheaper than Macs. For operating system, I would have to go with Vista.
    I know no one wants to admit it, but Vista beats out XP in plenty of different ways. It’s the future, anyways, why stay in the past?

  44. Everybody LOVES a good Mac versus PC debate!

    I’m another one of those PC by day, Mac by night users. I’m forced- er, privileged to use XP at work, hour after bleak, ahem, I mean joyful hour. Seriously, if you’re trying to have fun and need to play games on it, I suppose XP does have the advantage of countless games going for it. And countless other software titles. And countless viruses, tons of adware, spyware, malware – you name it, PCs win the “more” contest. Misery loves company.

    I’m not kidding myself that Mac’s are perfect – I’ve had my share of blips and glitches, and occasionally I’d like to use a program that isn’t yet available for OS X. I guess that’s what Boot Camp, Parallels and other emulators are for, although I haven’t worked up the desire or nerve to install them yet. And I haven’t used Vista yet either, except in the computer aisles at Best Buy and Circuit City, so I wouldn’t be one to persuade anyone either way. But Vista does seem to be a pretty weak and lame attempt at copying the look and feel of OS X.

    Overall, my Mac experience has been very positive – if you want to try something creative, music or video or whatever, or even just want to experience the web with a level of comfort bordering on complacency, I would heartily recommend a Mac, to ANYONE. And in the same vein, my overall experience with PCs has been somewhat less positive. You could even call it bad. Presumably you know what the PC experience is, and if you’re comfortable with it and don’t get the nagging feeling that you’re missing something, stick with the PC.

    Just so you know, though, you ARE missing something: The ineffable joy (mostly) of Mac-dom. Smugness is an inevitable side effect, you’d get used to it.

  45. Mac is overhyped! Get a PC. You can customize the hell out of it unlike Macs where you are limted to their hardware. And if the thing breaks, you’re sending the entire thing in; instead of replaceing the bad component. PCs will always be here. Vista or no vista, it will be the way to go. Windows 7 will own!

  46. Personally if I had the money it would be fun to purchase a Mac for the learning experience. Later you could upgrade your current windows pc to enjoy the the games that you love to play.

  47. I would go mac of course, gaming on mac is starting to grow, in my experience Firefox (Safari and IE suck, youll want third party) runs better on mac than on PCs (that ive tried), Office 08 is comming soon, im not sure about the printer, but if there are problems, im sure it will be fixed soon. and If you miss windows too much, there is always boot camp.

  48. I Have Never used a MAc in my life and have never had any troubles with PCs so my experience has been a good one at that so i cant pick A side here obviously but i would go for what suties you best research it long and hard because its costly

  49. I personally have enjoyed my pc.My satisfaction with pc’s come from being able to modify and upgrade my machine to my liking.As time goes by and new software demands more efficient hardware, i am able to upgrade the parts for myself and enjoy doing it myself.As for macs, i havn’t had much experience with them.I am not sure how easy it would be to open up one and replace parts, not only to upgrade, but to also replace defective parts.So personaly, i would go with a pc.

  50. Horseface likes Macs …very pretty!!! Horseface likes Linux….very secure and u can game as well!! Horseface like XP…mature OS…look after it and it will look after you!!

    Horseface used Vista and go back to XP and Linux. Horseface not recommend Vista. Vista is a heavy boat with much manure in it!!

    Horseface says “Neigh for world peace!!”

  51. If I would have a choice, it would be to get a Mac. It’s got a nice, easy-to-use interface, Leopard, sleek, and to most novice computer users, it is, in my opinion, the better choice.

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