You Can Take TV

Thanks to Casey in the UK for the heads up!

I was Stumbling around the internet on my lunch brake and found a cool gadget you’ll probably love. Its called TakeTV and is a Windows/Mac/Linux compatible 4 gig flash drive that you copy your movies, music, TV shows, etc, on to from your computer, then you plug the flash drive in to an included cradle. The cradle plugs in to your TV using S-video, or composite plugs. then GUI pops up on the TV. From here you pick what you want to watch and it plays it. The whole package includes the 4 gig flash drive, remote, cradle with video cables and power adapter for $100. the 8 gig model is $150. This would be great to use when you have movies on your computer that you want to show your friends, but don’t want to take your laptop to their house. Or for people who love watching movies on a big screen TV but don’t want to mess around with transcoding and burning the movie, only to watch it once. Also good for taking your movies with you on vacation.

What do you use to transport your videos around?

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  1. That is a great find! I’ve been looking for an alternative to purchasing a laptop. because all i want to do is watch movies. thanks for posting this.

  2. One blank DVD is 4GB and costs about what? 25 cents?
    And don’t you have a remote on your TV/DVD player anyway?

    Don’t over complicate things too much. It’s a nice toy, but nothing else.

  3. hey chris. I think that take tv is a pretty cool gadget. Instead of carrying a bunch of cd’s around you could just take movies and videos in a flashdrive. I also heard of another thing which I think you have thats called Slingbox.I think thats a great gadget too. You could watch your tv from your laptop at the airport when there’s delays or anywhere else.

  4. I like this idea. But it does seem a little crude for what it is and the high price. The specs are 4 and 8 gigs. Rather small storage space. And the $150 price is too much for this gal. If storage were 10 gigs or more, it might be different. My 2 cents.

  5. Nice piece of equipment, but there are many alternatives. Many people have ipod videos that have a video out function, and as already pointed out dvd’s and plus new psp’s have video out functions and iphones. so if yuo have none of the above then it would be good if you have a tv to play it on.

  6. I have the 8GB model and the software can convert the vacation movies from my old digital camera to widescreen! It does this quickly but of course I did build a very fast computer. Just wish it could show the photos as a slide show. Silly of them not to include that option. I suppose they will eventually get their web site going so I can download shows for it.

  7. I have one of these and I love it. It’s great to bring movie files over to those relatives houses who don’t burn DVDs or own a TIVO. It’s simple to use just plug in the video and audio cables (usually located on the front of those older model TVs). Use the remote to select the file you want to watch and press play. It has a fast forward and rewind option.
    The usb stick is plug and play creates a drive on your PC. Simply drag and drop files into the drive.

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