TechSay Says IT Surveys Pay

Breckenridge Cartwright (I swear that’s his name) thought this might be up your alley:

We figure the readers of Lockergnome might be interested in joining TechSay. If they do, they can get paid for their opinions on IT issues through online surveys. We know they are not going to answer a survey for “the chance to win an iPod”, so we just pay cash.

We use a point system to handle the fact that we pay out in USD, Canadian dollars, Euros, British Pounds, etc. but in any case for each questionnaire the participant knows in advance how much they will make (minimum $10). IT pros tend to like the money, but according to what we’ve heard, they also like being able to “fix” products / software / services that they will end up using on a daily basis.

We’d like you to invite your readers to join TechSay.

Okay, so obviously I’ll get a credit if I refer you to take these surveys – but I’m largely interested in getting paid for the feedback I have been previously been handing out for free.

15 thoughts on “TechSay Says IT Surveys Pay”

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  2. Dear Chris,
    Really enjoy your articles in lockergnome’s Windows Fantasic. However, many of your tips and articles are only offered as videos, and unfortunatly I am stuck with a dial up connection. Although I wish I could get high speed access in my area, it’s just not available. therefore getting you videos is a long process.
    Sure you can see my delema. Need to offer whatever information you can in video and non video form.
    Thank you for your time. Hope this problem can be addrssed and resolved.
    Sincerely [email protected]

  3. I would love to know if anyone has any experience with this particular group, but from past experiences these online surveys are a total waste of time. I signed up for a bunch one time with an email address I created specifically for this. They would send links to the surveys, which you will need to answer pre-qualification questions, only to be told that you did not qualify and then be out any money they might be offering. After about 50 times of this and NEVER getting to take one single survey for money. I only got to waste time answering questions and being told I didn’t qualify. So beware, if it sounds too good to be true, you know the rest (I hope)

  4. Wow! That sounds cool! Lots of those types of things are generally scams though so I don’t know really how many people will trust it.

  5. Online surveys are good but there are so many online now, what would really make this one any different. Or what separates this one from all the other company’s?

  6. Wow who wouldn’t want to get paid for advice? I wonder if a lot of viewers will join this. I wonder if it’s going to be 18+ I’m sure many viewers are under that.


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