PSP on the HDTV: Component AV Cable

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Pardon me while I watch a movie on my 42″ television… oh, did I mention the movie is actually playing on my PSP, and also on my tv?

I took a DVD that I already own, and ripped it to my PSP. Then, I just grabbed the new Component AV Cable and hooked the PSP to my tv. I can watch movies, read my RSS feeds, or browse the Internet, all using the PSP controls and viewing on my big screen.

There are two main drawbacks to this cable. The first is that while you can browse your PSP full screen, and surf the ‘Net full screen… you cannot play games full screen. Sony dropped the ball with that one. But for only $20.00, that’s not much to complain about! The only other complaint I have is that the cord does not retract back into itself. I LIVE for retractable cords, people!

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51 thoughts on “PSP on the HDTV: Component AV Cable”

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  5. Strange that the games dont go fullscreen. That makes me wonder if there is some sort of hidden option to force that.

    Still tho, good tip and great find.

  6. i don’t know if you knew this but you can probably hook that to a portable dvd player with the right dvd player, also you could get ps2 ps3 xbox xbox 360 gamecube wii with it also

  7. I didn’t know that this was possible until I saw this video. The only thing I have for my PSP is the FM radio tuner adapter. I think I may look into buying one of these corded adapters to view it on the TV. I wonder if the fullscreen issue is only due to 16:9 widescreen TVs and not the standard 4:3….

    Anyways, thanks for the great Idea, its going on the Christmas Wish List….

  8. i just picked one of these up yesterday. mine was $14 on clearance at target (i don’t know why it was on clearance, but hey, i’m not complaining).

    i’m guessing that the reason that the games aren’t running full screen is that they’re being output in their native resolution. one of the reasons the psp has decent performance in such a little package is that the games are all rendered at around 480×270 or lower. it looks great on the psp screen because it’s at a 1:1 pixel ratio, but it’s not enough to fill a the tv screen. i found that i can blow it up to full screen with my tv’s zoom function, but it gets fuzzy-looking.

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  10. just copy a dvd then convert it to psp format….duhhhh!!!!

    and does ur tv have a choice to go to full screen zoom??? cause that will fix the small screen when playing games man.

  11. k so when i set my psp to progressive mode and i have my component cables in, I have a problem, it splits the screen in half and pastes the game half and half but when i set it to interlace, its fine, and i can play songs and videos But i cant play games on interlace.

  12. that happens to me too! When i connect my psp to my tv, it looks blue and i can barely see. When i start a game, i see clearly but i see two screens. My tv has 6 holes, and my cable has 5 connectors.

  13. hi,can you adjust the volume level using the – + on the psp? Im asking coz I cant adjust the volume using the psp I have to adjust using the tv volume or external speakers volume. thanks

  14. miGsnAp, you can use it on ANY TV with AV input. You know those three things on the front, side or back of your TV. One is colored yellow (video input), one is red (right audio input), and one is white (left audio input). Hope that helps!

    PS: I own on TV that has only the yellow, and a white input, and it works fine. That is because it only has one speaker, so your games will only be in mono, but hopefully you have a stereo TV so you can enjoy the full audio experience!

  15. It has smal screen in the games because its graphic card is not capable to move more pixeles and if it does that, it would see very bad, this is the reason of the small screan on the tv

  16. sup everybody. Anyone know why when I try to play a game the screen splits in two??? on my tv set. (plain old tv set with component input, the red,blue, and green) I can play everthing else just fine… Damn those av component cables… 🙁 retarted man…

  17. my tv has only 3 ports..the yellow,white,and red..i have the component cable for the psp and i use the green for the video input but it only shows me black and white..does anybody know what’s the remedy for this?

  18. dude, i cant play video games or i cant dkisplay anything on my 40″ sony bravia HDTV1080p using my PSP i have the same component AV cable as you do from this video and i cant seem to get any display/signal. what to do?

  19. You guys are getting confused. There are TWO types of AV cables. A COMPOSITE one and a COMPONENT one.

    If you TV has Yellow(video)+Red/White(Audio L+R), that’s COMPOSITE.

    If your TV has Green/Blue/Red(Video) + Red/ White(Audio L+R) that’s COMPONENT.

    I think a lot of you guys are having problems because you got the WRONG cable for your application / TV.

    Also, sometimes Component video don’t match the colour scheme. I have seen orange and other colours used. Check the Y / Cb / Cr labels if your setup doesn’t seem to work when you match the colour scheme. You may have to put the Blue cable in the Green socket, that sort of thing.

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