I'm Gonna be on Television!

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Every day, someone asks me if I’m ever going to be on television again. I am going to settle this question once and for all.

Chris goes over, lays his upper body on top of his tv, and shouts: “There! I’m on tv! Now stop asking me when I’ll be on tv! Are you happy now?

Besides, the Internet is better anyway.

Edited to add in excellent follow-up comment:

I just watched your segment titled “I’m Gonna be on Television!” & as usual you were funny. but when you ended it by saying “Who needs television when you got the internet?”, you hit upon reality with a ton of bricks!!! Ever since I got my computer back in 2001 my TV viewing has dwindled down to maybe an hour per week at the most. Why? Because when I watched TV, my exposure to what was happening in the world was through a little box & what was decided by network executives that I should see & hear. But with the advances in technology, I am now able to have a front row seat to whatever is hapening in the world & what I choose to know about. I have the power to see practically anything, anywhere, & anytime around this great earth. Not only that, I have interactive capabilities worldwide! This is amazing! I think we all should pause & recognise the gift of technology we take for granted & thank the many people before us who were responsible for the little box that now shows us all what we want to see & hear. Thanks for reading.—Bill Greco

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32 thoughts on “I'm Gonna be on Television!”

  1. Chris,

    Man, that was funny! not only are you smart but you’ve got a hell of a comedic style. One of my other favorite video’s is your 1 second zune review-“It squirts” ftmfw

  2. chris… most TV gadget shows are presented by jerks, usualy they are too short and only have about 5 or 6 4 minute spots on some fucking ”pink furry USB hub” or some fancy flashy robot/gadget thing that will never get past development prototype stage and youll probably never own one… i think you need to be on TV… the masses need it!

  3. What would have been great is if u had a personal camera recording u, play it on TV with u asking questions (computer stuff) and the TV answering, that would have been funny, but none the less, this is great too! 😀

  4. I really wish you would get back on TV. We need a channel dedicated just for computers and computer accessories. I’ll tell you what.

  5. I have to agree with the follow up response. I find that I don’t watch TV as much as I use to anymore. There is just more exciting things on the internet than on TV.

  6. hey he’s right. they internet is the television killer anyway. why would you wanna sit in front of your TV and just watch whatever it feeds you,when you can watch anything you want online?

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