I'm Gonna be on Television!

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Every day, someone asks me if I’m ever going to be on television again. I am going to settle this question once and for all.

Chris goes over, lays his upper body on top of his tv, and shouts: “There! I’m on tv! Now stop asking me when I’ll be on tv! Are you happy now?

Besides, the Internet is better anyway.

Edited to add in excellent follow-up comment:

I just watched your segment titled “I’m Gonna be on Television!” & as usual you were funny. but when you ended it by saying “Who needs television when you got the internet?”, you hit upon reality with a ton of bricks!!! Ever since I got my computer back in 2001 my TV viewing has dwindled down to maybe an hour per week at the most. Why? Because when I watched TV, my exposure to what was happening in the world was through a little box & what was decided by network executives that I should see & hear. But with the advances in technology, I am now able to have a front row seat to whatever is hapening in the world & what I choose to know about. I have the power to see practically anything, anywhere, & anytime around this great earth. Not only that, I have interactive capabilities worldwide! This is amazing! I think we all should pause & recognise the gift of technology we take for granted & thank the many people before us who were responsible for the little box that now shows us all what we want to see & hear. Thanks for reading.—Bill Greco

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