Top 5 Things to Do with a Broken iPod


I’m always looking for your top 5 ideas, tips and tricks. Sonya sent me an email with the top 5 things you can with a bricked iPod. Let’s face it, wouldn’t you want to keep it around and use it for something else? It’s a fashion statement!

  • Use it as a stress reliever. This works for non touch-screen iPods only. When I’m stressed, I like to repeatedly click buttons and things. You can push and punch buttons to your hearts’ content with a bricked iPod.
  • Use it as a wallet. Gut it, and use the docking port as the money slot. Of course, people think iPods are worth stealing anyway. Imagine them thinking they stole a working iPod, find it broken, then toss it in the trash with your money inside! Still, a fun idea.
  • Use it as a fancy mirror. The back of it would make a good mirror. Impress your friends by whipping out an iPod mirror, instead of a boring compact.
  • Play iPod Frisbee. Well, you may not be able to play it more than once or twice. But still, it could be quite entertaining.
  • Use it as an expensive paper weight. Great idea! We all have papers on our desk. At least by having the iPod laying on the desk, you’ll look cool!

Do you have an iPod? I know of people whose iPods have broken. They went out and bought a cheap mp3 player, gutted their iPod, and put the cheaper one inside. They still have the “appearance” of using an iPod. Would you do that? Have you done it already?

What are your tips for reusing old technology of any sort? Leave me a comment to let me know, or send me an email to [email protected]


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to Do with a Broken iPod”

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  3. My ipod is not broken yet but if it was I wold probably just replace it. Those are some great ideas for broken ipods, especially getting the cheap MP3 player and giving it the “ipod look”.

  4. This made me LOL live..

    Tho, I have a 6th idea for bricked iphones… Go Patrick Norton on them. 🙂

  5. I have broken so many iPods (actualy, 3, mini, nano, video) and I usually sell the parts that still work. I make about $75, depending on what parts I sell. Kinda wish I had kept one to use as a paperweight…

  6. You could try useing the parts out of ipod for other things like for example the ipod mini which was released about 3 years ago used a 4gb hitaci microdrive which was actualy just a big cf card so why not use that in other devices like a digital camera and maybe if your good with soldering and wireing you could use the ipod battery in other devices like a cordless mouse cause its possable

  7. ._. in all honesty I’d prefer to use my broken iPod as a weapon for defense, I mean, when you’re out walking around, and a group of people come up to you, and you’re clearly out numbered, and all you have on you is a busted up iPod, clearly, you’re gonna grab that bad boy, chuck it at the biggest dude’s head, and take off running, that there is the best thing you can do with a broken iPod ._. that or make a sculpture outta it..

  8. You could attach it to your belt and wear it as a fancy designer belt buckle.
    Keep those trousers from fallin’ round yer bum!

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