Internet Dating Tips for Geeks

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One of our community members emailed to ask me how he can find the woman of his dreams on MySpace. So… I decided to give you all my Top 5 tips for Internet dating.

  • Change your handle. If you have an online name that has to do with something Geeky, or a gamertag, it will be more difficult to attract women. Many people think that “birds of a feather flock together”, but that’s not always true. Meeting someone with a little in common can be just as good of a match. You definitely don’t want things to get boring. Having separate interests is a good thing, I promise you. If a girl is a “little” into computers, and sees your name has Linux in it, she may write you off without ever getting to know the real you.
  • Don’t talk Tech… unless she’s into that. If you’re trying to get to know a girl, don’t just spout off everything you know about computers. Find out what she’s into, what interests her. Make an effort to talk about those things, and to understand them. Who knows? You may end up finding new interests for yourself, as well.
  • Learn how to write. Being online is a whole new ball game. The first impression you give… and likely the only impression for awhile… is through your writing style. If you are using l33t speak, or even chat speak, you could turn off a very intelligent woman very quickly. How you write will convey the type of person you are. Take the time to check your grammar and spelling. Take the time to let who you are show through.
  • Don’t be a drooling Fanboi. If a woman is worth having, she’s already getting emails and IM’s telling her how wonderful and perfect she is. She may hear over and over she’s “beautiful” and “sweet”. Don’t trip over your own tongue. Be realistic. Women can see through nonsense compliments and drivel. They want something that is real, and solid.
  • Remember MySpace is NOT a dating service. It’s a social networking site. If you’re looking for love, that’s not the place to look. I recommend a free service called

I met Ponzi online. Internet love really can happen, if you put some effort into it. It’s just as real, and just as lasting, as any other relationship.

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36 thoughts on “Internet Dating Tips for Geeks”

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  6. *cries for the mankind* I am sorry, but I highly disagree with all forms of online “dating”. I just cannot put my thoughts into words with this, but that is how it is.

  7. Hah…Come on…I don’t think changing your handle needs to be done. If a girl doesn’t want to be with you cause of your handle…ridiculous.. I met my wife on hot or not…I’m living the dream.

  8. I used to participate with “online dating”, but found it to be just as easy (if not easier) to just meet women in person and simply ask them out.

    Last date I had (last month in fact), she asked me out.

  9. People are usually very different online from offline… I don’t really see the point in trying to find a date online, just for it all to fall apart as soon as you actually meet. Go to a bar, have fun, if you meet someone and hit it off great, if not you still had fun. Don’t sit at home hitting refresh to see if someone has sent you a message.

  10. Bars are a horrible place to meet people. Trust me… Not that a good relationship CAN’T happen that way, it just isn’t likely. You have to question what that person is doing at the bar to begin with, ya know?

  11. Umm, people are “usually very different” in a bar too. I don’t find people to be all that different online or on the phone than they are in person. The only bad thing that can happen is they give you a misleading or inaccurate picture to go by, but at least they’re sober

  12. dude, this should be in Connan O’brien or something! “I am not saying that there arent women who apreciate linux out there,..but”..HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    “if you wanna find a linux girl..”, dude, just hit the nearest best buy, plenny of cute geeky girls working there with those revealing blue polo shits…nice.

  13. great tips. one thing that should be noted (and i did not reat the other comments so excuse me if this was mentioned already) just cause you meet someone online doesnt mean they are a geek… I am going on a date sunday night with someone who I met through craigslist.. and she is not a geek at all.

  14. Hey Guys,

    This article is absolutely correct… Here is some more added onto it… When you initiate contact with a chick online… you need to make sure it’s short, cocky and funny. You are not going to be mean to a chick… you are going to use playful banter…

    Example IM chain to hot chick:
    You: “Hey dude… you’ve got a picture of a hot chick up on your profile… Are you switching teams on me?”

    Her: “I am a hot chick, who are you?”

    You: “Funny, you look more like a cool dude with long hair…”

    Her: “You’re mean…”

    You: “And you like it… So tell me, what do you have going for you other than your looks?”

    Her: “I’m smart, funny and I have a great personality…”

    You: “Hmmm… All of those are subject to my approval before you can state them as fact… So why do you think you are so smart, funny and that you have a great personality… did your mommy tell you that you were special too? lol”

    Her: “You’re sooo mean… you don’t think I’m pretty?”

    You: “Pretty forward… I understand that I’m extremely attractive, but I don’t usually have chicks hit on me as fast as you have… I just need to let you know that I have emotions and feelings and shit like that… I expect you to respect my boundaries… You can do that can’t you?”

    Her: “Of course I can, you’re funny… What’s your name?”

    You: “There you go hitting on me again… it’s quite flattering, but I need to make sure you’re not some dude or a crazy stalker… So I’m going to give you a test… What’s your favorite color?”

    Her: “Pink” (doesn’t matter what color she says)

    You: “Pink… Wow… that’s exactly what I’d expect some dude to say to try to make me think he was a chick… but then again… it’s pretty hot when a chick likes the color pink…”

    Her: “I am a chick and my favorite color is pink…”

    You: “Sure it is… So… Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or Brittney Spears… who are you most like?”

    Her: “None… they are all skanks…”

    You: “Check, you’re not a crazy coked out, drunk, psycho mother of the year… you got 10 cool points for that answer… So here’s the final question to determine if you’re a crazy stalker dude or a hot chick trying to impress me…

    You: “Day at the beach or day in the mountains?”

    Her: “Day at the beach…”

    You: “Alright… you made it passed round 1… if you’re lucky maybe I’ll give you the chance to go to round 2…”

    Her: “What’s round 2?’

    You: “I’ll tell you later… I have to bounce… What’s your email address I’m only going to email you 50-60 times a day professing my love of hot stalker dudes?”

    Her: “___ here it is… what’s yours?”

    You: “Here it is… ___ ”

    Her: “I”m Amy… What’s your name?”

    You: “Are you going to email me?”

    Her: “Yes…”

    You: “I’m Brian… I have to bounce… I’ll chat with you later…

    Her: “Good bye… have a great day…”

    You: “Later…”

  15. LOL this is a GREAT video!! thanks for posting!
    Geeks of the world, take notice 🙂
    check out the video I posted which proves that some internet romances do work out!!

  16. Nice Video lolz, my names Natalie, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Natalie-oanaqyidcqw chat soon 😉

  17. Nice Video lolz, my names Natalie, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Natalie-oanaqyidcqw chat soon 😉

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