Computer Tips and Help for Novices

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At some point, we were all computer novices. I mean, we had to start somewhere, right? I’m lucky to have such a Technically inclined community behind me. But I want to make sure to reach out to those of you who may be beginning users, as well. Bill sent me an Email, with his Top 5 tips he always gives to newer computer owners:

  • #1.When you download and install software, save the download link in a text file right in the folder for the program. Once you have installed the program, burn that program installer and the saved text link to a CD, label it, and keep it. That way if you ever need to re-install, you can pop in the CD, and know exactly what it is and where it came from.
  • #2. Categorize your folders, but keep them simple. Create and label folders for pictures, work-related documents, personal documents, and the like. Keep track of the folders’ sizes. Once a folder reaches CD size, burn it to a CD, label it and store it. Then you can empty the folder on the computer. This can keep your computer much less cluttered.
  • #3. Don’t put off updating your Anti-Virus and protection programs. Remember… your computer protection is only as good as your last update.
  • #4. Be skeptical, be smart, be investigative. If you receive an email from someone saying that Microsoft and Yahoo need to verify information, why would you click on anything or reply to it? If Microsoft or Yahoo wanted to get ahold of you for security reasons, they would do so themselves. They would not have some unknown third party contact you.
  • #5.Ask questions, and learn what to avoid. If someone is telling you how their computer always gets infected with viruses and the like, ask them questions. Find out their surfing habits, and learn what not to do!

This is an excellent starting point, for sure. If you have any tips and tricks for newer computer users, be sure to send them on to me! I’d love to share them with the rest of the world.

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32 thoughts on “Computer Tips and Help for Novices”

  1. lololol

    yeah, I just made a tutorial that required me to use

    I said, I wnt a BG that will make the viewers’s eyes spaz out for tongiht. olol

    Gonna be changing it back later today. 8)

    but did you like the channel?

  2. I help a lot of people I know with computer problems, most of them go to my school.

    My Dad thinks that porn web sites are the safest web sites to go to, yea, riiighht.

  3. A) as TalesOfWar (kickass name btw) mentioned, it was being recorded live while being streamed to many people.
    B) it’s Youtube, dude. Show me a good quality Youtube video.
    C) when your as cool as Chris, (which’ll never happen) get back to me.

  4. I have a question about Outlook Express version 6.
    If I receive an e-mail from someone using AOL, I have to click on the envelope in Attach: however many times it has been forwarded. Is there a way to open the e-mail, and go directly to the original?

  5. Top tips for parents

    1) No keys on the keyboard or buttons on the mouse can make the computer explode

    2) You wont delete important files by accident.

    3) Dont make more 45 folders to save test text files to learn the basics of file structures.

    4) Dont phone AOL.

    5) Dont ask me to help you becuase I will get irritated.

  6. More top 5 tips.
    1.Back up your data. IF your not sure how to, there are plenty of back up programs out there.
    2. If you have kids make sure the computer is in a family room
    3. If you never heard of the “free program” google it to make sure it is not spyware.
    4. Dont be afraid to explore and read books book about computers go to forums there is plenty of info out there.
    5. Before you pay for tech support go to google or Microsoft website. You might be able to fix it on your own

  7. lol…just got their first computer? lol chris, no offence, but you’re too late. About 99.99% of the educated population either is tech savvy, or does not need a computer…i got my first comp when i was 5

  8. It is so easy to forget what it was like whe you first start out on a computer. I aggree with all the tips you reccommend. I wish more people would be sensible about their anti-virus software it is the most common repair we get in our workshop.

  9. Mine when I was 7, but I was using computers since I was 5. I’m pretty seasoned with many operating systems including ALL versions of Windows, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, and Linux as well. But you’d be surprised how many people aren’t tech savvy. My Landlord is nearly computer illiterate and he needs me to do some work on some PC’s of his. Man, the life of a geek is a lonely one.

  10. it’s really nice article to read about computer. I will do as your tips, because I’ve software a lot but could not management it properly. I’ll follow you for your new articles. thanks

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