What is iPhone JailBreak?

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I’ve had my iPhone for a few months now, and I’ve talked about it several times in previous videos. People ask me all the time if I have or am going to use JailBreak to hack my iPhone. Here are five reasons why I have not… and likely will not… hack my iPhone.

  • #1. It’s not sanctioned by Apple. Apple has been very careful with how they have developed their hardware, and are very closed about it. When someone develops something for an Apple product and that development isn’t sanctioned by Apple, you run the risk of it not working as it should, conflicting with the device itself, or just all-around bricking that iPhone.
  • #2.My iPhone just works already. It’s not perfect, no. There are other things that I wish it could do, yes. But… it’s not doing anything that I don’t want it to do. So why mess with something that already works?
  • #3. There is an SDK (Software Development Kit) coming soon from Apple. This will allow developers to create more things for the iPhone. With the enthusiasm already shown for this, I am confident some pretty cool things will be created in no time, and released.
  • #4. Hacks can lead to problems. I have done this to other devices in the past. Every time, it invariably either messed something else up, or caused an issue with a future update. I need my device to work, not get screwed up because I installed something the device wasn’t expecting or necessarily designed for.
  • #5. Wirelesspacket brought up this one. He pointed out that you don’t have a trust system in place when you use something like this. If it’s not sanctioned by Apple, then the trust system you are relying on may not even exist. You’re trusting the hack will do what it says, and won’t cause issues. But you can’t be sure.

Another thing Lenny brought up is that one thing JailBreak lets you do is to install SSH (Secure Shell) on your iPhone. If you don’t uninstall it, you are very vulnerable when using an unsecured wireless connection. Anything and everything that is on your iPhone (including your phone book and all your stored data) can be recovered by someone else on the wireless network.

So the answer is no… I will not be hax0ring my iPhone. Have you? Will you?


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94 thoughts on “What is iPhone JailBreak?”

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  6. Hey Chris,

    This comment is going to be about the iPod Touch, it is similar to the iPhone in many ways…

    When the Jailbreak 1.1.1 came out, I was eager to have a go, when it was released for the public, that night I spent hours jailbreaking it, after many restores I finally did it! All I really wanted was the Mail and Notes application that came on the iPhones, but no the iPod Touch, I got them, and everything was fine.

    I would recommend Jailbreaking the iPhone and iPod Touch as you are open to so many more things, the developers of the Jailbreak have posted that you cannot ‘brick’ your iPod Touch, I know a few people have ‘bricked’ their iPhone due to getting other mobile phone networks, instead of the standard one.

    When you jailbreak your phone or pod, you are open to so many cool features, games, applications etc…You can even get a NES and GBA Emulator.


  7. I saw one of your videos on you tube and i have a question. You said that everyone will have a different experience with windows vista, i was wondering if I should Upgrade my Xp computer computer to vista and see what happens or should i buy a new computer that has everything ready to run vista and see if it runs fine?


  8. I installed jailbreakme before 1.1.2 and it worked fine for a while. But then it started to act weird – if I was on Safari and I was browsing a website, it would suddenly go back to the main menu. Same thing when checking voicemail or email. I decided that it wasn’t worth it so I restored it and will wait until Apple sponsored apps come out.

  9. I think I know a few people who’ve jailbroken their iPhone, and I thought some of their applications were pretty intense. But I’ve seen a lot of my friends mess up their iPhones and thus having to restore it all the time. But maybe it’s worth it because of the very very nice applications it provides.

  10. Thats the thing, Jailbreaking is for someone thats knows what he/she is doing.
    but no dought that any one can do it if you fallow the procedure(sorry if spelling is wrong) correctly.

    I jailbreaked my iPhone in one try.

    “it is not sanction by apple” am sorry but who owns the phone Apple or you?

    Dell could say the same thing, Alianware could say the same, but they dont.

    PC is far more advance in being hardware compatible and cheaper for the same reason because of the same reason.

    Mark my words if hackers can hack the phone so fast what will you expect if macs became more widely popular? I see Norton is going to have a lot of new business with future apples.

    Jailbreaking its GREAT. Do you think apple will give you the applications “sanction” by them for free? How much did your last iMac cost you?

    Think about it. They are good but not for anyone,

    Oh and just by reading at the post I know who is an Apple Kool-aid drinker.

    P.S. I do have both a Mac(macpro) and a PC. Don’t get rid of your PC.

  11. Addressing specific points:

    #1,2,4 & 5: So it’s not sanctioned by Apple. So what? I can bring my jailbroken iPhone back to 100% factory state. It can even be restored from a full bricking (I’ve done it before). Every iPhone and iPod Touch can be put into a special mode where it can be fully restored even if you can’t access anything else on it. When done, it will be an out of the box, factory fresh iPhone. No one, even Apple, can tell the difference, and it takes about 10 minutes to do. If you have problems, it’s nothing to restore, but personally, I’ve never had problems except when I was mucking around and experimenting on my own, completely outside of the standard jailbreak methods.

    #3: I think you have an unrealistic expectation when it comes to the official SDK. Just because it’s going to be out doesn’t mean everyone is going to be able to use it. Applications will still have to be signed and distributed by Apple to be widely available. Apple will be in complete control over the types of applications you have access to. I feel it is a very good probability that none of these apps will be free, but even if they are, you aren’t going to see full freedom in what is available. Many developers will continue to write for jailbroken phones because they will be able to make the same apps, with the same code, but with a faster turn around, easier distribution network, and no Apple politics.

    Because of jailbreak, my phone has all of the features that it should have had out of the box, and I have no confidence whatsoever that I will ever get this level of functionality out of it using “Apple sanctioned” methods for free.

    PS. I’m speaking as an AT&T customer who has never performed a carrier unlock. If you have done a carrier unlock, the procedure to get it back to factory normal takes 20-30 minutes instead of 10, but if you have done that, you would surely be comfortable with the procedure to get it back to normal.

  12. Why did you title this “What is the iPhone JailBreak”? All this is is Why I don’t want to JailBreak my iPhone.

    But seriously, my iPhone is great, I like it a lot, but like most apple products it is designed with the mentality of not letting users manhandle it too much. This is why apple can make such stable systems, its not hard to achieve stability if software:hardware versatility is reduced to nil.

    Really though I have no real interest in JailBreaking my phone either, mainly because god forbid something does happen I am stuck without a phone, which is always a terrible situation to be in.

  13. I see what you are saying it make sense but Fck Apple i am extremely pissed about all the Bs apple has so far, you pay for absolutely everything, ontop of spending 600 for a phone, it doenst have aim, and its ridiculous that you have to after YOU BOUGHT THE MUSIC FROM ITUNES, they are making you BUY the right to turn a song YOU OWN into a ringtone.. so from now on Fk apple, i am ripping them off as much as i can i am never buying any songs from itunes again, and i am using as many hack, cracks what ever to get around their greedy little bs. Oh yeah and onto of that you cant blue tooth absolutely anything to anything, cant connect to any other devices, cant even stream music throgh blue tooth stereo, IPHONE is shinny but unless you are willing to drop some coin (more then you dropped all ready) its an absolutely worthless peice of crap, should have gotten the N95.

  14. please change title to reasons why im scared of jailbreaking . . . . apple SDK is very tightly controlled and doesnot give any independance to the dev. . . also my hacking experience has been really rewarding . . . elspecially with the PSP . . given that . . ill like to hack everything i own . . . down to my toster and microwave . . .

  15. Why not try to Jailbreak and hack and crack your granny, turn her into something with more capabilities? Come on, Apple isn’t all and risking your frigging 600 bucks phone for just some extra crap is just insane.

    Peace out.

  16. Chris you are such a suck. You are obviously sponsored by these guys and its VERY obvious in all your vidoes like this one that your either sponsored by or get sent alot of free stuff by the major companies whos products you discuss. If your gonna do reviews speak the truth and stop being a corporate puppet. When you start buying stuff like the rest of us and giving real reviews, ill simply look at you as a man with a corporate hand stuck up your ass

  17. What the hell Chris? We WANT you to tinker with it and tell us how it went. As a geek you’re supposed to not only do these things but WANT to do these things, and jailbreaking it is perfectly safe. I added GPS, Netflix, NetStumbler, VNC, RSS, a PDF viewer and the ability to save YouTube videos in one fell swoop with the Installer.

    Don’t be afraid to take risks.

  18. OK. First of all Chris is not a hacker. He does not seem to me like a hacker so this is not his fortay. Quite frankly I don’t care what Chris does with HIS iPhone and I have no problem with that. I however do hack and know that anytime you do a hack you must investigate it carefully and take a risk, there’s always a chance your hardware could be messed up. If you want your iPhone to not get messed up don’t hack it but if you want to try something new you know what to do.

  19. I love how YouTube members love making accusations with legit backup. The guy always used Windows for a long time. He only recently switched to Mac, and he’s even more-recently given reasonable criticism of both Windows and Mac.
    He hardly endorses the stuff blindly. He endorses what he likes, and what he likes isn’t really determined by the company it originates from.

  20. i live in canada and love my iPhone, no problems i have 1.1.4 and love it, it would be nice to have internet for it through rogers but too expensive but o well

  21. this is what you call GORILLA MARKETING , many companies do it , a little missdirection, propaganda,wualla, there you have it , i wonder how much apple pays for this

  22. this guy is such a dork! i have had my iphone unlocked for a year already and have no problems, also i have upgraded it to the latest version twice already and have no problems. who cares what apple wants? they want money, and dont want me to enjoy my phone without allowing them to control or continue to profit from me. i bought it fair and square and could care less if they want to continue to make money off me. this guy is so stupid!

  23. Good reasons Chris, I still haven’t jailbroken it and I’m not planning to. Like Steve Jobs said. “YOu need it to work when you need it to work” Love ur show

  24. I have not jailbroken my iPhone (yet…) for two reasons one I am not capable of doing so (I tried it didn’t go so well I deleted all my contacts luckily for me my computer some how fixed it and installed the 1.1.3 update) as most of you can tell by this story I am not very tech savvy as some would say the second reason is that apple keep trowing out all sorts of great stuff sure it be great if my iphone could become a NES but right now Im fine so unless apple comes out with some new iPhone and stops giving updates I dont plan on jailbreaking my iPhone.

  25. The iPhone and iPod Touch are AMAZING pieces of hardware that have incredible potential except for the unfortunate software limitations which have been imposed by Apple. It is like a Ferrari that is stuck in 1st gear. I would not buy one of these devices unless it could be jailbroken. I researched this extensively and jailbroke mine as soon as I got it home. I have had no regrets, and no problems. You will never know what this device is capable of until you set it free!

  26. WTF this guy must have been fucked in the head i jail broke my iphone only for one reason freedom i dont need extra apps on iphone i dont need anything i leave as it is but i set it free so i can do what ever i want with it. If apps are free or iphone come with hips a lot of cool apps preinstallt i would never hacked it but stiil im agains companies i love hacking and hackers thy are like freedom fighters peace to all hackers thy are the intelligent ones.

  27. now y would your queer ass put this video up??? “apple dont want me to do it, so i dont think i should…” what a lil bitch!!!!!!

  28. shut the fuck up ypu son of bitch, people have their choice to do with their iphone. if its break its time to buy a new one you shit one.

    do not talk any rubbish you a gay, just fuck your dog and picture it with iphone

    fuck you.. ow and also your dog. i can do anything with my iphone and its ain’t your business

  29. What the hell is wrong with you people? He’s just giving his opinion, and you’re calling him names.
    He said “I think I shouldn’t do it”.
    He never said “You should never do it because I say so”.
    You guys are insane!

  30. i was about jailbreaking my touch, but i realized it WORKED as a music and video device, which was what i wanted, plus it gave me amazing internet communication, for instance i was shocked when i realized i could open 8 webpages at the same time, sure doing that will eat you battery quickly but how many music devices let you do that?

  31. then don’t watch the video. He’s just giving information. Stop PMSing. And besides, this guy is one of the most popular YouTube members, and you can’t make him shut up.

  32. well ok so i got a touch and a phone ……… i briked my touch… how much more do i got to say … thx

  33. chris you don’t have to take my advice but at least look into it.

    Without jailbreaking I wouldn’t even want my iPhone

    It is so limited and boring without jailbreaking

  34. I am afraid to do anything to my touch because I dont want my 400 songs to be erased off of it…. I really do not want to go through putting them all back on… It would be cool to have NES though

  35. This is such a typical mac user talk: if apple doesnt have it then i dont need it. I have long considered buying iphone, but then i thought of being associated with tools like this, and i alwasy reconsider… yes: my WM (att tilt) phone is slow and clunky, but i can do whatever i wish with it. install all i want, and mod it to my liking, without feeling like i breached some sort of contract…

    I like iphone.
    i dislike mindless consumers: iphone/mac users
    I dislike apple with their “proprietary” outlook towards everything: hardware, software and even cables! i mean, what the &^&*^ is wrong with mini usb (on most phones)??? why do i want to use some apple 30 pin connector???? makes me mad!

    BTW: I am not talking about those few brave ones who actually unlocked/jailbroke iphone… I think you all knwo who i am talking about here..

  36. everyone needs to stop flipping on him he is just stating his opinion and last time i checked thats legal.

  37. Barankin, I dont think you should generalize all mac/iphone users… I did jailbreak my last phone and it was awesome.. i think apple is blind in a lot of ways. they could do a lot more.
    I’m just happy having a bunch of OS’s: osx, a few distros of linux and either xp or vista home to do stuff… thinking that all mac users are dumb asses isnt nice (or that we prefer only mac). i dont think apple is the best.. i mean i get your point here, but please dont generalize, man.

  38. hey guys, i’ve read all your comments. i think im probably going to jailbreak my iPhone. I’ve had it since December, and I want more features. I think if i jailbreak it, i will be satisfied.
    but one question….
    If i jaibreak it, can i restore it, and it will go back to a nonjailbroken iPhone? Thanks.

  39. hey guys, i’ve read all your comments. i think im probably going to jailbreak my iPhone. I’ve had it since December, and I want more features. I think if i jailbreak it, i will be satisfied.
    but one question….
    If i jaibreak it, can i restore it, and it will go back to a nonjailbroken iPhone? Thanks.

  40. i think u make great points and it is so easy to mess up the iphones, but if people want to take the risks then let them. I know i never will, im a poor college student that doesnt want to blow 300 bucks on a new iphone when i have a perfectly good working one.

  41. No offense, you got some good points, but they were repeating the same two ideas. Not sanctioned by Apple and it works. That was it. You kept repeating the same things over and over again, but just reworded them.

    Prepare what you want to say before you go LIVE, you fumble a lot in your words.

  42. When u jail break the iphone and u d-load apps like MMS and Cycorder, how do u get the pics and videos off the phone??

    If ne one has an answer, feel free to fill me in. Thx

  43. Hjx….u guys made me feel so scared now….coz im jailbreaking my iphone….and don’t know what will happens to it……..all i want to do is to get new theme for i iphone coz currently it looks so boring………..hjx…..but y is it take forever to jailbreak???

  44. All these comments are making me laugh, especially those attempting to insult in broken english. I’m a proud user of a 3G iPhone, non-jailbroken. There’s a reason for this. Exactly as you pointed out, Chris, once you jump the fence, there’s no support. If something happens to your iPhone that potentially bricks it to the point of no return, your warranty is null and void. If you install software that tries to extend the battery life by reducing processing power or something to that effect and it disables the Power Management Unit (PMU), it doesn’t matter if “unjailbreaking” only takes ten minutes; you’re going to be spending a lot longer talking to Apple support and trying to convince them to give you a new $600 toy to play with. I successfully did this to my iPod Touch, and didn’t only damage the battery-to-system monitoring system, but actually melted the battery and discolored the steel back of the iPod, proving that tampering was evident, and voiding any and all warranties.

    Sure, you can all feel smug in the fact that your iPhone can play Mario, but it’s nothing more than a novelty item, and to be completely honest, I don’t need that. I’m using my iPhone to manage the mail for my business, to place calls, and to manage large amounts of voicemail with the Visual Voicemail capabilities. If I need information on the fly, I fire up Safari and look it up. Hell, if I want to play a game, I’ve got a zombie tower defense game that keeps me entertained for just long enough. Alas, I can’t play Mario. Obviously, I’ve failed to realize the potential this device has.

    Jailbreaking your iPhone is the electronic-device equivalent to adding a turbo or a supercharger to a car. Yes, it’s flashy. Yes, it will boost your performance in some ways. Is it necessary to drive the vehicle? No. Does it run the risk of damaging your engine and possibly ruining your entire drivetrain and putting you out one previously-functioning vehicle? Absolutely.

    In the end, it’s your call, but a line has to be drawn between security and recklessness just for the sake of showing off. Chances are, if you can think of a function you need the iPhone to do, you can find an app for it that is fully supported and sanctioned, often free, and in the event that it isn’t and that causes you emotional peril (see: rage), perhaps you need to rethink what you consider valuable before purchasing your next toy. Too often are we quick to opt for the five-finger discount simply because it seems like it’ll be easier.

  45. lol u jkes theres no point of jailbreaking the iphone or itouch, it only gives you a little bit of features, and anyway why play mario when theres brothers in arms on appstore and lots more like need for speed undercover, and if you want them free just go on appulo.us anyway if you want to do things like change the theme and more functions you can even make your own apps with the apple dev center SDK.

  46. ehm. I came to this site asking “what is iphone jailbreak” and I got an answer back saying “I am not going to jailbreak my iphone”
    OK, now could you please answer the question? I would love to get a more complete answer to that question.

  47. Sucks to be you, I wonder since now it’s 09 if you have changed your mind. Any smart person has already unlocked and jailbreaked there phone and are having a blast well beyond what Apple visioned/wanted.

  48. I have an issue iPhone 3G / Yellowsn0w

    I JailBreak my iPhone, and it works well with a Pre-Paid SIM card.
    I recently sold it to my friend, and he wants to use a “contract” SIM in the phone.

    When everything works well with the iPhone, 3G, Wifi, Recieve calls, Send and reciever SMS.

    … But every time he tries to click on the phone buttom (to manualy make a call), the dial pad comes up for 2 seconds, and then it closes on him!

    What can be the issue here?

    Current stat’s of the iPhone
    Software version: 2.2 (5G77)
    Modem Firmware: 2.28.00

    Has a few app’s installed.

    Poof – Cydelet – Cycorder – Qik – iPref –
    and some other apps, to numerous to mention.

  49. if 3rd party applications is so cool that you are willing to hack your phone, then why this application is not in app store? it will have no problem passing Apple scrutiny since it is amazing? You can make it for free or make money from it.

    But it won’t happen, cause those 3rd party developers will not pay the same attention to security and stability. At the end of the day we all need a stable phone.

  50. Ha. The only reasons to not jailbreak an iPhone are:

    a) if you are retarded when it comes to technology

    b) if you don’t know about the process yet

    c) if you are a total weenie that’s lives life in fear of Big Brother

  51. I have to say that point #1 is wrong…
    40% of tha app store is filled with garbage that can stuck your iphone such that you will have to restore it… but in cydia let’s say some apps are very good and way better than those on the app store (for example the video recorder for 3G)

  52. “beware of what you wish for” was never so relevant as to this
    endless lame “lecture”.
    I typed : “what is jail breaking a phone”,
    I believe that the first 10 seconds would have been more than
    enough. I never asked about your moral / technical /legal views,
    I could not decide who was more boring you or the dog.
    But thanks anyway

  53. Hi
    I want to ask u some of my questions about iphone 3gs 8 GB. Basically i am looking forward to buy an iphone with a two-year contract and later i will jail break it. The problem is that do we have to pay each and every bill to apple of the contract? Can we finish the contract by stating any reason? Basically I have some of my relatives in Asia and I want to send them the jailbroken iphone so can I send them easily? Are there ant chance of any legal case in USA about my iphone which will i send to my relatives in Asia???

    Do take my email into consideration and answer my questions.

    1. so the best way for you to get an iphone is to find one online (amazon, ebay, etc.). i have not yet owned and iphone and am not sure how everything works but if you get a deal with no contract, you can just stop paying and send the iphone to Asia.

  54. I see a lot of limitations in the Business idea of Apple when they lock here and there in their software letting little rum for people to get free apps. Is it the modern slavery time that we are going through right now. I just see motivated people that refuse this mantra and try hard to jump over these barriers by inventing Jailbreak, and what ever.

  55. Regarding the usage of the iphone, I believe unlocking is more important than jailbreak, as for my ATT 4s, I have to unlock it through the carrier, but I found all these sites on google that does it for a price way lower than ATT, so I picked the first result after google att iphone unlocking, and I have it unlocked in couple hours.

  56. For the people who wants to unlock ATT phones, go google attiphoneunlocking, they unlock any model and firmware up to date. As well as the new 5, which I unlocked there in 2 hours.

  57. there are so many 5 dollar sites around, do NOT purchase those! just scams that once you paid, they never reply

    1. I suppose you are talking about unlock..
      and yes, I have used those 5 dollar once, exactly what you said

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