How to Change Your Mouse Cursor

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I used to be addicted to cursors. In fact, back in the day I would create them. Heck… people sometimes even paid me to create them! What is a cursor you ask? And how can you change it? Elementary, my dear Watson.

A cursor is that little pointer thingie on your screen when you move your mouse. They are simply an icon that is turned into a cursor using software designed for tha treason. In Windows, you can change it with relative ease. Simply go into your Control Panel, select the Mouse icon, and then click on the Pointers tab. From there, you can use the drop-down box to choose a few different pre-installed cursors from Microsoft.

Of course, these aren’t very exciting cursors. If you want to make your own, well that isn’t hard either. For creating the icons, I suggest using Icon Workshop. They have a free 30-day trial, and the Cursors program itself is a steal at only $14.00. You can choose from hundreds of presets in their gallery, or upload your own images. It’s an easy matter of drag and drop.

Once you have created your icon, you will need to turn it into an actual cursor. You can do this with my favorite program for this: CursorXP from the folks at Stardock. There is a free version, as well as a Pro version. However, most people will only need the free version, as it does quite a lot. Don’t let the name fool you, it works for Vista, as well. Not only can you use CursorXP to create your cursors, you can also use it to add cool effects to them, as well. There are effects such as explosions, ripples, and plasma. All in all, this is a very cool way and simple way to create your own customized cursor that will make all of your friends jealous.

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37 thoughts on “How to Change Your Mouse Cursor”

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  2. Actually it is called a mouse pointer. A cursor is the vertical bar used in an editor to indicate the position the next letter will appear when typed.

  3. cool blog. i always get bored with my mouse cursor. im probably going to change mine like now. keep the cool blogs comming! 🙂

  4. Well I like the cursors from starcraft. Like the normal cursor then when you scroll over a unit it changes to one I think is rly cool. Is there a way to use those cursors?

  5. I saw people with something around their cursor, idk how it’s called
    but I want it too, but don’t know how to get and aply it =(
    here’s a vid of some1 with such a thing around

  6. yea a program called camtasia studio 5 the screen recording one its only a effect when your recording you cant see it till after you made the recording somethuing like thaT

  7. Hi I know this post is way old but…

    Using VISTA…when I change my mouse curosor in the control pannel.. After I restart it goes back to the default one… Why does it not remember which one I selected.
    Any way to fix this or work around this…


  8. When talking about changing your cursor, you should mention the Change Cursor ( ) utility. Just right-click a cursor file and pick the role from context menu. And by the way, AxCursors is way too outdated (9 years old!) Get RealWorld Cursor Editor which is not only free, but also has more functions.

  9. Back in the day you used to create them? Back in the day there was no CursorXP. Tell us how you made them then; that would be more helpful.

  10. “I’ve been using the same cursor since Windows 3.1. I had used it in 95, 98SE, ME, XP”

    Lol you used ME… win2k ftw

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