What is LogMeIn?

YouTube subscriber, Dustin Alden:

Chris, I currently work as a student employee in the aerospace helpdesk at the University of North Dakota. We have a lot of computers here to take care of in the aerospace buildings, including full student labs and faculty computers.

Recently we started using this free Log Me In software: logmein.com. What it does is allow you to access any computer you install the software on; it gives you full admin control over the remote computer. So you install the software – it takes maybe 30 seconds – onto any computer you wish to access. Then, at your own computer you log onto the website and you have a full list of all the computers you can access. The great thing is you don’t have to worry about ports or IP addresses or any other nonsense, it’s all automatic.

This is great for me because I can do updates and software fixes on any computer in the entire aerospace from my desk or even from home! Anyway, I think it’s a great software and I think it could benefit many people in our community.

Yeah, LogMeIn is pretty slick – they’re the people who deploy Hamachi for personal use. Not quite like GoToMeeting, but useful in a different way. I like the elegance and simplicity of iChat 4.0, if only more people were using OS X! 🙂

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  1. LogMeIn.com is a grate tool, I work as an IT at a marketing company and i have it on ALL of the Chief Executives laptops, if anyone has a problem or cant open thier email, a program or they are experienceing an error and cant describe it well registered through LogMeIn allows me to open a window on my desktop and see thier desktop, i can move the mouse for them i can open and close programs and work on thier computer as if i was actualy there wich is great when your CFO is in Chillie and needs his Outlook autoarchive settings to be set to a smaller time.

  2. Just watched your vista sucks diatribe on youtube.

    I agree. Vista sucks.

    My wife has it on her laptop. It was procurred from dell after 4 months. That’s right – it took dell 4 months to get her a laptop. 3 revisions of the laptop had no built in camera, despite the fact they tried to get her to buy a laptop with a camera which she really didn’t care about, then they couldn’t figure out how to deliver it with one. Yes, you’ve read this right. The 4th laptop delivered finally had the built in camera.

    A little more background. I’m a software developer with 20+ years experience. I consider myself class A-. I can get the job done.

    Today, I tried to update the hosts files in my wife’s laptop to connect to my dynamic dns desktop I just installed to do Ed Tivo. You know it as PVR. (As I type this, the mouse keeps jumping on the form. Is that a great dell feature, or a vista feature? I’ve seen it often) Anywho, I keep changing the permissions on the program files directory to be not read only, and everytime I try to update the hosts file, after the annoying prompt, it has reverted me back to “read only”. The honeymoon is over. Vista ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME. I hate it!

  3. I do agree more people should get OS X ;-). But to me the sweetness of LogMeIn is that I can access my Mac from a PC too (and vise versa if you’d want to).

  4. Yeah, LogMeIn is a sweet tool. Whenever I’m up at college, and my family needs help with their computer… let me just say it comes in quite handy… lol.

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