Top Cool Laptop Accessories

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I’ve been multi-tasking today using Ponzi’s MacBook Pro… AND my own, as well. Doing so much on Ponzi’s machine caused it to run really hot, so I needed a good way to cool it. I tried out the Chill Pak I ordered awhile back. Oh and yes… her MacBook Pro has a red Speck case.

On Ponzi’s machine, I’ve been installing Boot Camp, and using VMWare Fusion to access it. Using such system-instensive tasks made the MacBook run really hot. So, I grabbed the Chill Pak. I’m sure you remember when I bought it? It was created by actor Dean Haglund, from the X-Files. You just throw it in the freezer for about an hour, and the gel inside of it freezes. You then place it under the hottest part of the Notebook… staying away from the battery and any vents. Voila! The temperatures will return to normal, and the Notebook will run MUCH better.

I’m also running smcFan Control on my machines. smcFan Control displays temperature and fan speed in the menubar. You can apply different fan-settings with just one click. It also lets you set different minimum speeds for every fan separately… and save them as favorites.

The Speck Case on the outside of Ponzi’s MacBook Pro is not just for looks. It also helps protect the case. It’s removable… just snap it off or on. And well, yeah. It looks cool. I like the color red, don’t get me wrong. But on a Notebook? I’m just not convinced of that.

What I want to know is what accessories do you have (or want) for your Notebook? What can’t you live without? Which ones do you wish you had never bought because they just weren’t worth the money? Leave me a follow up comment to this video, or send me an email to [email protected]

E Ya Later!

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35 thoughts on “Top Cool Laptop Accessories”

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  3. this is kinda a noobish question but. if you have a intel core dou extream does that mean that you have 2 processers in stead of 1 like a intel pentium 4? plz comment back or message ty

  4. I have the speck case, red as well!!! I’d always wanted a red laptop but opted to not get my last one painted red as it was $100 extra and would have scratched and I would have been sad so I got the speck this time!

    I also have the following, which I love:

    SIIG 11 in 1 memory card reader:

    Logitech laptop stand:

    Marware Protection Pack which has a wrist guard and keyboard cover that can be used to clean the screens. (Purchased at the Apple Store)

    I also got a protection pack for the trackpad/mouse button.

    Macally lap desk (purchased from Fry’s)

    And then probably my favorite accessory…my booq (Purchased at Melrose Mac in Burbank, CA)

    I think that’s it…for right now!

  5. Interesting, I thought I’d left a comment and came back to look for other cool comments but I guess it was moderated and didn’t pass!! Oh well I’ll keep looking back for other’s cool items.

  6. Lego still is the best toy around if you ask me. Never out of ideas (and I’m not the only one I see :D)

    Make a video about it when its done 😛

    Cheers too

  7. He was probably just ignorantly biased, like most others who don’t like apple. Kinda like with him and the iPhone, he makes a rant and 10 reasons not to get it, and then buys it and loves it.

  8. I am still using a older Toshiba 5105-S605 laptop because of a wonderful little fan utility that keeps the fan running constantly. Besides keeping the CPU at a more consistent temperature (for reliability), laptops that turn their fans on and off drive me (further) nuts. I know, it’s not hard…

    Anyhow, have you run across something like that smcFan proggy for that might be compatible with modern Intel chipset equipped HP or Toshiba Win XP/Vista laptops?

  9. Well apple is used for different purposes than a pc. Apple is more for media, like photo and video editing while pc is more for gaming and everything else. I thnk alot of movie companys use apple for theyre movie editing.

  10. Nope get over that myth already. I am tired of the Mac’s are only for media. Mac’s can do way more than media. We can do every single thing a pc can do and more and that is a fact. Mostly everything we can do without the need for windows. The main thing mac’s can’t do running os x is running all the games out. And even that is changing though, and besides who wastes their time on gaymes?

  11. Hi Chris
    Thanks for telling us which microphone you use. I asked for the C01U Recording/ Podcasting Pak for Christmas. Now I want to know what video camera you use.

  12. That pad is okay but, not near the battery?, that’s like 30% of the bottom of most laptops!, also once thawed, it would insulate the laptop. Check out “Ixoft” from thermaltake, it uses chemical technology to disperse heat. Mine works almost as well as my coolermaster aluminum notepal. Takes 5 degrees celcius of my full load temps, requires no power (or freezing!) and costs like $30. Good topic Chris.

  13. Hmmm.. On my Mac Book, its only about 5%. Maybe you have a big chunky windows thing-a-ma-bob? I can’t call windows laptops a laptop, they are so thick! 😛

  14. In order not to make their laptop becomes hot, or buy better cooling performance, this is the most fancy, based on years of experience, this process is linked with the quality to a a high-performance notebook computers.

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