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I’ve been multi-tasking today using Ponzi’s MacBook Pro… AND my own, as well. Doing so much on Ponzi’s machine caused it to run really hot, so I needed a good way to cool it. I tried out the Chill Pak I ordered awhile back. Oh and yes… her MacBook Pro has a red Speck case.

On Ponzi’s machine, I’ve been installing Boot Camp, and using VMWare Fusion to access it. Using such system-instensive tasks made the MacBook run really hot. So, I grabbed the Chill Pak. I’m sure you remember when I bought it? It was created by actor Dean Haglund, from the X-Files. You just throw it in the freezer for about an hour, and the gel inside of it freezes. You then place it under the hottest part of the Notebook… staying away from the battery and any vents. Voila! The temperatures will return to normal, and the Notebook will run MUCH better.

I’m also running smcFan Control on my machines. smcFan Control displays temperature and fan speed in the menubar. You can apply different fan-settings with just one click. It also lets you set different minimum speeds for every fan separately… and save them as favorites.

The Speck Case on the outside of Ponzi’s MacBook Pro is not just for looks. It also helps protect the case. It’s removable… just snap it off or on. And well, yeah. It looks cool. I like the color red, don’t get me wrong. But on a Notebook? I’m just not convinced of that.

What I want to know is what accessories do you have (or want) for your Notebook? What can’t you live without? Which ones do you wish you had never bought because they just weren’t worth the money? Leave me a follow up comment to this video, or send me an email to [email protected]

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