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Ubuntu keeps generating buzz, and I don’t see enthusiasm subsiding any time soon. Seems to be the only distribution to capture “user” attention – beyond the enterprise.

First, a video covering MP3s On Ubuntu, the OGG Alternative – In this post, Matt shows you how to seriously migrate away from MP3 into using OGG Vorbis, while not leaving your favorite music at home when on the go.

Then, Ubuntu Gutsy With ExpressCard, Working Options – In a previous post, Matt showed Ubuntu users how to find and use wireless cards that are actually supported nativity in Linux – using PCMCIA as an option. This time with USB wifi devices, as wireless in the world of ExpressCard slots is not much fun with Linux.

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  1. Chris, I want to love Linux, I really do, but my every experience with it is negative, including Ubuntu, which I spent a week using exclusively this year (after Vista blocked me out whilst waiting for my Mac for the record).

    Ubuntu is ugly on a standard install, it’s still not that easy to install stuff (although it has improved a million times from when I first tried Linux at Red hat 5, complete with the Dummies book). It’s still an OS for those who want to get dirty with code, and although code was fun when I was young (I could code in Basic at 11) it’s not now.

  2. I think this mp3 video is a bit old, cause mp3 playback in linux isn’t illegal anymore, thanks to the free mp3 codec from fluendo, which is included in almost every new distro. I use Opensuse 10.3 and its already integrated in there.

    the codec is legal and free for download at:

    Personally i think it doesn’t matter which codec you are using, cause when you are converting stuff to OGG/vorbis for personal use, thats your own choice.

    Fluendo also provides other media codecs, like windows media codecs, divx, dvd codecs, which u can purchase for a small price. I think its only 36$ for the whole media codec pack. Some people are thinking: why should i buy codecs, when i can play all the files in windows for free? well, axually it isn’t free. You already purchased the rights for the codecs by buying windows. Ubuntu or other linux distro’s are mostly free of charge, so why not pay for some codecs? at least you got your operating system for free. Its still cheaper then buying windows or OSX.

    I like your videos Matt, and i hope you wil continue doing them. Because then people really see that using Linux isn’t as hard as it was 10 years ago. I think Ubuntu, Opensuse or any Linux distro should be really seen as a worthy contestant for the desktop nowadays.

  3. Mike: Thanks for the kind words.

    Yeah, you are both right and wrong on the Fluendo thing – believe me, I have been researching this very, very heavily. It depends on which repos you are getting the MP3 playback ability from. The devil is in the details.

    As for the other codecs, simply buying the licensed codecs from the Fluendo webstore then installing from ubuntu-restricted is not going to cut it, hence the very *bold* warning when trying to install them. 😉

    As for OpenSuSE, I do believe that they do indeed, get the licensed codecs from Fluendo direct, but I’ll bow to your understanding on that as the last distro I tried was 10.1.

    So yeah, it really comes down to knowing for sure which repo you are getting your codecs from. Generally speaking, I support giving MP3’s little cartel of thugs a big middle finger and opt for something just as good and free. 🙂

  4. By the way, I just secured /serious support/ for wireless with upcoming options, like Pre-N and 802.11n from Edimax directly. No money changing hands, just loaners for testing – *anything* I need. Expect to see a LOT more wireless options coming into Linux land very soon. I could hardly believe the conversation I had today – wow. Very exciting stuff.

    Edimax is now *dead serious* about making sure that Ubuntu’s users wireless needs are being satisfied. Loving that, the videos helped. 😉

    In other news, expect to hear updates directly from me regarding something big in the open source universe with MainConcept’s previously canceled Linux version of MainActor – I have been contacted by their CEO, I may have some fantastic news in the next three weeks. 😉

    -Why be a bench-warmer when you can generate real, sustainable change for the better.

  5. Chris this is the first comment that I have ever wrote to your blog… from linux! I am currently running Ubuntu 7.10 on a live cd… well…. man… I think I’m switching to it.. I have a few more things to test but all my drivers worked… with no effort.. the wireless worked out of the box and then it loaded the rest of the drivers for me by itself. My sound works, 3D accelerated video, its faster then windows vista and it is running from a CD right now. Honestly.. Linux has come so far.. I know it is still not for the normal user but thanks to Ubuntu its a lot closer. Packages are some what easier to install now since many sites list a special download just for Ubuntu. .deb. Debian packages.. I downloaded a program and was missing some dependencies so it automatically got those for me to. I tried to play a mp3 said the codec was missing… automatically downloaded and isntalled… Very nice.. I must admit that this is much nicer then Windows Vista… I think .. I am dropping Windows.. I think with Windows XP in a VM I can live without it.. Windows Vista is ok but to many glitches.. the sleep and resume in Ubuntu are much faster and reliable then Vista. I can shut and open my laptop repeatedly and it wakes up and falls asleep as fast as I open and close the lid…

    This WOWs me more then Windows Vista ever did.


  6. I just wanted to say that for those who might want to consider if you want to try and/or switch:

    *Find out if your hardware is supported with versions of Ubuntu

    *Have the right requirements: install a lighter type of Linux like DSL onto old computers

    *Always use the LiveCD first: Linux is famous for its “try before you buy” mentality for a good reason. It doesn’t touch your hard drive and you can explore its features.

    *Don’t do anything major to your computer such as deleting partitions on your hard drive or typing in random commands. Know what you are doing and FOLLOW on-screen instructions as strict as possible…

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