How to Create Free Ring Tones for your Phone

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With my old phones, I used to upload files to use as ring tones. With my iPhone, I can’t do that. You can only use ring tones you buy through iTunes. For all you people out there with phones that DO support other tones, you can make your own custom ring tones for free.

If you want to create your own ring tone, head on over to It’s quite easy and fun to create your custom music. Use a drag and drop, choose your soundtrack type, sound effects, etc. Once you’re done, you can go back and edit them to change them up to get them exactly how you want them.

You can play with the mixer, listen to ringtones, and send friends emails to ringtones without registering. By opening a free ToneMine account, you can also save your personal ringtone mixes, send them to your phone, post them to any web page, and download them to your computer. Click here to open your free account.

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40 thoughts on “How to Create Free Ring Tones for your Phone”

  1. hey chris, do u know any programs that make a phone hold more space or another program that makes songs on a computer smaller in size like less then 1mb?

  2. theres no way chris will answer you here, but there isn’t any programs that will give your phone more memory . And theres some converters that will convert your songs into a smaller format like .m4a if your phone supports it, but usually it wont make it much lower then 1mb. Just google for a converter and you’ll find one.

  3. You can also import MP3 files into Audacity (free download), clip out a section, export it as a WAV file, then use Yamaha’s MMF converter (also free) to convert that to MMF.

    Where you go from there depends on the specific phone—mine lets me e-mail ringtones to myself as attachments, then download them onto the phone. I like that method better than ToneMine because it lets me get away without being dependent on an external website (well, except for GMail, I guess.)

  4. I second Lachlan’s comment. I prefer to just edit files in Audacity, convert to MP3 if needed, and email them to my phone. I’ve got Verizon, which allows me to email the file as an attachment and choose to save it as a ringtone on my phone. The basic email address for Verizon customers to do this is:
    [email protected]
    (Obviously, each “#” is a digit in one’s cell number.)
    Hopefully this will help out the other Verizon customers that are annoyed by, well… quite a bit of what Verizon does.

    Also, I’ve been doing this for awhile now, but I used to use before I made the discovery.

  5. Chris,

    Thanks for a great overview of ToneMine. We’re the developers (for our client,

    I really like how you and Kat mixed together live via the video conference. Users who want to collaborate on a mix (but don’t have live screen sharing) can take any existing ringtone that one of them has created and ‘remix it’ by clicking the ringtone name and selecting ‘Remix ringtone’. This will bring them into the mixer where they can see all the sound bars as the composer arranged them.


  6. This was fun to use, but there are no canadian providers, so i can’t get these ringtones onto my cell phone 🙁

  7. This mixer rocks Chris! Thanks for mentioning it. For some reason it seems cooler to make your own ringtone, instead of buying it…

  8. I wonder if you can create an .AIF format fiel, and then upload that via PC sync o niTunes. I personally am disgusted with Apple and Sony, because theiir product ma y look cool, but are as durable as rice paper, cost easily 30-50% more to purchae and support than similar products from other vendors, and have horrid, and haughty tech support that treats everyone in a demeaning fashion, assuming none of their customers can spell, much less operate a PC.

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  11. download the song or tone you want with bearshare and cut the part you want to be your tone using windows movie maker and then save movie it then convert it to mp3

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