Breaking Windows Habits

A month ago, “Oli Kenobi” emailed me and asked for my opinion on the Airport Extreme – which is turning out to be one of the better wireless routers I’ve ever owned, if only in terms of raw usability and user friendliness. He emails with a brief update this morning, including some surprising news – my shared experiences have inspired him to make the switch from Windows to OS X:

So I got the Airport Extreme a couple weeks ago, and it’s working perfectly. I shared my printer with the usb port. It was pretty easy to set up. Install the drivers on the macs and the PC, install Bonjour on the PC and it found the printer. It took me no more than 5 minutes! I also upgraded my 2 Macs to Leopard and it’s amazing! Since a couple years now, many people are thinking “That would be great if there was a competitor to Windows, because I’m sure they can make it easier to use a computer.” and think now’s the time.

I share a large disk with the mac mini, and it’s SO much easier now with Leopard to share and access it!

I still have some ‘bad old’ Windows habits that I try to give up on OS X: – when I launch a program, I double-click the icon, and wait… nothing happens, then I realize I didn’t see the ‘icon zooming’ animation, so I might have clicked somewhere else. I’m so used to wait and have no indication that the program is launched (as usually in Windows) that I don’t have yet the reaction that if I don’t see the animation, then I might have done wrong.

When I work, it happens that I start rewriting a whole file, and sometimes, I don’t keep a copy of the previous version. Then I screw up and have no way to go back. So until now, I tried as much as I could to anticipate and make a backup of the file in a separate folder… but I just realized there’s no need anymore! Time Machine does it for me! Many of us might take Time Machine as a backup if we lost a file, but it’s also an excellent way to get back to previous versions.

Since one week, each day I’ve been finding several new features, I’m thrilled!

Finally, Apple is SO right with its customers, I’m in Canada, and I just received a minute ago an email with what’s in the attached image. That’s what I call a good customer service. Keep doing great videos, and giving great advices! People love it.

I have a feeling I’m going to have to produce more “cusp” content in the coming years. In an informal chat room poll, 20% of my audience have at least one Mac, 40% want a Mac, and the remainder don’t really give a rip about the Mac. If majority rules, I need to balance my OS coverage – even though some idiots out there seem to think I have to be in one camp or another.

Doesn’t matter what I write, I’m always going to be labeled as a “Microsoft basher,” “Windows hater,” “Windows lover,” “Microsoft apologist,” “Apple fanboy,” “Mac zealot,” “Jobs suck-up,” “Gates follower,” et al – based on the same content. 😉 You see what you want to see in what I write, and nothing more.

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  1. Great Article. Sadly, I am only 14 years old therefore cannot afford a mac. Hopefully I’ll get a job this summer and I’ll get one!


  2. Yea this is very true. A lot of your videos have changed the way I think about everything, for example: just because someone doesn’t use a OS doesn’t necessarily mean that they hate the other or that one company doesn’t have to fail in order for another to succeed. I truly think that Apple isn’t just in the business for the money, but they are also in it to make a great product. One thing that I think that helps Apple make great products is this:

    “Believe that everyone is a idiot.”

    Why? Because if they believe this then they can make everything newb-friendly, and that’s what helps people relieze that some things are just plain and simple.

  3. Chris – I have owned about 3 macs at different times and could not agree more that Apple has really launched a great product line. They have really been working on the MASTER PLAN for quite some time. It appears that the day of reckoning has come from Microsoft and the consumer is now learning the following: “Hey, I might actually have a choice when it comes to a desktop!” Heck, all you have to do is go to an apple store or bestbuy and see that even the shelf presentation/hands on demos/aesthetics kick the doodoo out of Microsoft products. While this blog was based on an airport wifi device, it doesn’t take long to recognize that Steve Jobs has been patiently waiting for many years to finally turn on the nitro and zoom to the finish line with a mass of followers – old and new!

    That’s All I Got
    four_ones – community member

  4. I agree Chris. Now, I’m not a Mac user, I’m a PC guy. While I haven’t had as many problems with Vista as you, I do agree what Vista is not everything it should have been and it still needed a little more work before it’s release. I don’t peg you as a Mac fanboy or Microsoft basher. You have found that Macs work for you and that’s fine. I personally feel PCs offer me the best experience but I’m not opposed to someday owning a Mac or offering Macs as solutions to people if I think it’ll serve their needs better. Keep up the blogging Chris because it is true, people will see what they want to see in your writings.

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