Halloween Ghost Computer Trick

We had something like 30 kids come trick or treating last night – which is a total shame because we all got dressed up and purchased tons of candy for ’em. I was a Roman, Ponzi was Cleopatra, and 350,000 views on YouTube indicate that you already know who Wicket and Pixie were dressed up as. I guess that means we’re gonna have to do more puppy videos in the future?

Anyway, back to Halloween night. I think the entire holiday has been ruined thanks to a lowered sense of trust and heightened awareness of stranger danger – rightfully so. The tradition seems quite dead to me (compared to what it used to be when I was a kid). That didn’t really stop us from having fun, though.

I downloaded unofficial Star Wars hologram effects from the MacRumors forums yesterday. Worked like a charm, although I wish I had set ’em up in Photo Booth instead of iChat (by placing them in a different directory).

No matter, the kids were in for a fun little trick: