Halloween Ghost Computer Trick

We had something like 30 kids come trick or treating last night – which is a total shame because we all got dressed up and purchased tons of candy for ’em. I was a Roman, Ponzi was Cleopatra, and 350,000 views on YouTube indicate that you already know who Wicket and Pixie were dressed up as. I guess that means we’re gonna have to do more puppy videos in the future?

Anyway, back to Halloween night. I think the entire holiday has been ruined thanks to a lowered sense of trust and heightened awareness of stranger danger – rightfully so. The tradition seems quite dead to me (compared to what it used to be when I was a kid). That didn’t really stop us from having fun, though.

I downloaded unofficial Star Wars hologram effects from the MacRumors forums yesterday. Worked like a charm, although I wish I had set ’em up in Photo Booth instead of iChat (by placing them in a different directory).

No matter, the kids were in for a fun little trick:

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  2. You beat us by 10x. We had 3 kids come trick or treating. Yup. 3. Not even 4 or 5. Just 3. And they weren’t even in costume. Suffice it to say, that’s not quite enough trick or treaters to give out two boxes of 30 full size candy bars. Think they’d last until next year? πŸ˜‰

  3. Did not get out dog dressed up in time, but we did have to make three trips to the store for candy. It was so bad that we were handing out whatever we could find until more candy could be gathered. From about 6-9pm, the door was not shut, it was pretty cool.

    I am assuming you can only get the iChat effect from Leopard, may need to pick up a copy over the weekend and surprise my wife when she gets home on Monday. She is loving her new iMac thus far, even without Leopard installed yet. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh man, that is yet another reason to get me a mac.

    Hmmm, should we have a dentist point out the negative effects of that much candy? Or, are we going to have a super hyper, sugar rush Chris on videos for a while. πŸ™‚

  5. I feel your pain Chris. Last year I decorated, dressed up and bought a bunch of candy to and I don’t think I even got 20 kids. I even had the Halloween music streaming VIA yahoo messenger with one my speakers propped up in the window sill.
    I was all by myself that night, but at least I had a few beers. Even though I didn’t get that many kids; it turned out to be fun. I was dancing to the music; drinking my beers and giving every kid like 2 or 3 hand fulls of candy. I miss the old days when trick or treating wasn’t all confided into places like the mall. It’s really a drag when some handful of guys don’t approve of something; their level of control trickles down leading it to this. Making me feel like some kind of weirdo for wanting to put a smile on a child’s face, seeing my decorations, hearing the wacky music, and the fact that; I to despite that I am a grown up can take the time to dress up and have a little fun out of Life. Cheers Chris & Ponzi I hope you never lose connection with your inner child and ability to just have fun with it.

    Oh and PS: Happy Halloween!

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