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Honestly, I receive several questions every day related to Windows security software. What’s the best? What’s the worst? Why isn’t this one working like it should be working? I’ve already told you what you can do to cut your chances of getting infected by 90% – the answer is simple, and it doesn’t cost you anything. That’s right: your best defense is absolutely free.

(1) Stop surfing for porn, and (2) stop downloading products illegally.

If you still feel unprotected (no pun intended in relation to my first suggestion), you might take a look at BitDefender products. My friend Rick over at One Network Direct just sent me a batch of new links, including one for 10% off your entire purchase:


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Windows Firewall is Useless

And if you think you’re already completely protected in Windows with its default tools, think again. This morning, after months of regular Firefox use, I get this security warning from the Windows Vista Firewall. Again, this was far from the first time I had used Firefox on this installation of Windows. Not only is the dialog ambiguous, it’s here too late.

7 thoughts on “Windows Antivirus & Security”

  1. The reason that the Windows firewall hasn’t warned you about FF’s accessing the net is that up until this morning, all of it’s attempts have been outbound. But for some reason, this morning, it decided that it wanted to receive data from the internet.

    The firewall is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do – it’s stopping FF from listening for an inbound connection (which a web browser probably shouldn’t do) and it’s asking you if it’s ok.

    Why has your copy of firefox suddenly decided to start receiving data over the net when you didn’t ask it to?

  2. I personally love the AVG antivirus and Comodo Firewall. Both free and both highly reviewed and in my testing better than the offerings from Symantec..

  3. Agreed Rick, there is no reason to go out and pay for software, when there are great free ones that work just as well. I have had AVG for years and it works great, never had a virus. I used that and Spybot or adaware and it takes care of what I need. Chris is right about behavior though in some ways, the Porn site tips is right on, the free one is not exact as there are lots of sites with free downloads that are quite safe. To suggest people need to go to his friend’s website to buy tools, that Im sure work well, is not needed. Do some research and there are more than enough free tools to sercure any system, PC or Macs which will need the same type of security in the future

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