Chris Plays Santa and Gives away an LED Keyboard

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After I reviewed the Saitek LED keyboard, I was unable to actually use it. So, I decided to bring Christmas a little early, and give it away to one of our community members at large.

On October 17th, I reviewed the Saitek Backlit LED Eclipse II USB Keyboard. It’s a great keyboard, and I really wish I could use it all the time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit on my keyboard shelf under my desk. My hands kept hitting the bottom of my desk. So, two days later, I announced I was giving it away.

The day has come, people have registered their guess. Now… let’s give this thing away to a lucky community member!

After many false starts… choosing people who weren’t present in the chat room… we finally find our winner! Congratulations, Perfect_Chaos!!!

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43 thoughts on “Chris Plays Santa and Gives away an LED Keyboard”

  1. I forgot The Grinch was first a cartoon. It is a bit early to be in the Holiday spirit. It’s not even Halloween yet! Get Halloween over with first, then Thanksgiving. After that, be as crazy as you want about Christmas, and Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and whatever else.

  2. I had the first one. It wasn’t bright enough for me because it lit up the characters instead of the keys. I now have an illuminated keyboard that lights up the keys instead of the characters.

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