Apple Trusts Users more than Microsoft?

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I bought the Family Pack for Leopard. Apple gives me licensing to install my copy of Leopard on up to five Macs. The thing is… the disc is the exact same as the one for ONE install. Apple TRUSTS me to install this as I say I will. They BELIEVE in me. How many others companies DO that?

You heard me right, folks. Apple trusts us. They believe that I will install my copy on only up to five computers. They believe if you buy a single install disc, you’ll only install it on one computer. There is no “activation”. All you do is install. How many of you have had nightmares with Windows activation in the past? That type of pain and frustration is what happens when a company inherently does not trust its customers.

This is more than just “mac vs pc” guys and gals. This is about core beliefs. It’s about trust. Yes, that word again. Tired of it yet? How can you be? How often is it in this day and age you find someone who just trusts you automatically? Most of the time, individuals and companies alike generally distrust anyone and everyone until proven wrong. It’s nice for once to have the opposite be true.

Apple… kudos to you. I applaud you, and I thank you. I am going to be honest. I purchased the Family pack, and plan to install it on four Macs in my house. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to tell the truth.

This is the way it should be. Always. Period.

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116 thoughts on “Apple Trusts Users more than Microsoft?”

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  6. What you dont understand is how one doesnt have to deal with M$’s BS all the time with activation. $400 for Windows Vista Ultimate or $129 Mac OS X Leopard? Go Apple Go!

  7. Mac trust in the costumer, because this have a proprietary hardware, hehehehehehhe

    ofcourse, every one that have a mac was buyed a OS at once one time with the hardware, but the PC the guy can buy the components and build your won machine without OS.

    Ofcourse MS need more protection, anyway I believe have much more ilegal windows copy than macOS copy arownd world.


  8. It has nothing to do with trusting customers. The copy protection/validation systems put into place by Microsoft were done to combat the millions of non-customers who were costing the company millions of dollars a year via piracy. To blame Microsoft is not only very naive, but very stupid. Piracy hurts everyone, so for Microsoft to attempt combat this, they should be applauded, not condemned. Shame on you Chris!

  9. LOL

    of course apple trusts you
    if i had that disk, how many computers can i use it on? lets see….NONE

    how many people have macs? nowhere near as much as people with windows. Macs could do alot more if they quit being stupid and only letting people use os X on mac computers only. I myself have many custom machines.

  10. Well Chris, do you trust Apple because they trust you, or because you assume they trust you? Either way; fortunately you will install it on up to 5 computers, but others will not, that is the nature of today. I’m very confident about that.

    Now, I don’t like activation, no one likes activation; I’m sure Microsoft doesn’t like activation either, but, let’s see why we have activation. Windows is attacked everyday by viruses, malware, trojans. Who makes all these? The same people who buy (or download) the operating system. How can a company possibly trust it’s users if that happens? Of course there’s other alternatives to activation, but for now, this is what Microsoft has to offer, but it will change, no doubt.

    Apple’s licensing is better, but as I said, not everyone follows “rules”. Linux licensing is….. well “free for all”. As for me, I will never trust any company. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it’s just hard for me to trust a company. As these things are new, I’ll see how it progresses over time.

  11. I bought a family pack of Leopard and used the $100 early-adopter discount from my iPhone to help subsidize it. I used one install for myself and then split the difference between the regular install and the family pack between my father (two installs), my mom (one install) and my friend Jason (one install).

    What then? I’ll keep the disc around in case anyone needs it. I must admit that it’s tempting to sell someone an additional install for $19, but after watching this video, I won’t do it. Apple put their trust in me and I’m going to respect that by being trustworthy.

  12. Apple doesnt really give a leopard poop if you install it on more than one Mac. Cause you have to install it on a MAC, that you bought from APPLE. OS sales are gravy to Apple. I mean, they already got you to pay for a point upgrade to the OS. Making you pay more than once would just be greedy.

  13. No, heck no, no, no, no.

    1. Apple trusts you to install it on Apple computers only, that you paid tons of money for. And it doesn’t work on many older computers.

    2. Leopard appears to be no better than Vista in features. It can be compared with another Windows service pack like going from XP SP1 to SP2, but you have to pay for it. It’s a paid service pack. They trust you to buy it.

    3. If you tried to install it on a regular PC, good luck. It won’t work, but there’s a hack out there!!!

    4. As for hacks, Apple will write software to brick it. So maybe there isn’t any trust.

    Trust Apple? You gotta be kidding.

  14. Yeah, Apple does trust their users more, but they don’t have a business reason not to. Microsoft sells software and only software and there are _billions_ of people out there who want to run Windows, but not all of them want to pay for it. In fact, some people even want to profit from Windows’s demand by reselling illegal versions. Therefore, due to demand and the fact that their software will run on virtually _any_ PC (even Macs), Microsoft must protect their product more strictly.

    Apple, on the other hand, requires that in order to run OS X, you must have an Apple computer (Hackintoshes excluded). This means that even if you pirate Leopard, you’ve already paid Apple for the hardware and they really aren’t losing much money from your piracy. Also, the worldwide demand for Apple software in places where paying MSRP for software is hard to justify is basically zero.

    Simply put, Apple’s lack of demand for its software products in the shadier corners of the world and the fact that they’re already making money from the hardware they sell means they can afford to trust you. Microsoft cannot.

  15. I should also add that just because they don’t make you activate Leopard doesn’t make them some “enlightened” company or anything. This is the same company that:

    – Locked you in to AT&T when you buy an iPhone
    – Forced you to buy their hardware to run their OS
    – Made DRM a household term
    – Forced you to buy new games for your iPod Touch
    – Got into bed with the record companies and made you pay another $0.99 to have the same song play when your phone rings as when you hit the “Play” button

    Every company has their evil and benevolent side. Don’t be so shortsighted, Chris.

  16. I think Apple is not too interested in how many copies of its OS it sells to be honest. OS X is their way of selling the mac. If you have a copy of it your using a mac so have already bought an Apple product (unless you run a hacked copy of course).
    They improve OS X to give people more reasons to switch to the mac. The amount of copies it sells is unimportant – the amount of new macs it sells is vital.

  17. c’mon Chris, don’t you have anything better to do than beat up on Microsoft? If this was really about Apple “trusting” their users implicitly then why can’t you do whatever you want with your iTunes songs? Doesn’t Apple trust their users not to pirate music? Or not to load that music onto non-iPod players? The fact is that, in the desktop/laptop business, Apple continues to be a hardware company; sure, they make some money on software as well, but even if everybody pirated Leopard they would still be very profitable since they are the only ones who can sell the underlying hardware. Has Windows activation been a perfect system? Of course not; but the people who do have problems represent a vocal minority, and if you do have a problem with it then you call Microsoft support and they get it sorted for you. The fact is that if people didn’t pirate software then no software vendor would need to put these piracy prevention systems in place. Trust is EARNED. Don’t confuse a difference of business models (hardware vs. software) with a difference in philosophy.

    Brian Keller

  18. I think some of you folks got out of the bed on the wrong side this morning.

    Apple is a business and that means they like to make money. So what? Whether you agree with all their decisions or not doesn’t take away from the fact that they don’t enforce limited installations via activation the way Microsoft does. They could enforce serial code activation. They could make each copy of Leopard phone home and report to Steve. They could shut you down each time you illegally installed, turn your install into a 30 day demo, or reformat your hard drive and post a friendly and stylishly designed “Screw You!” letter using Lucida Grande, translucent dialog boxes, and core animation effects. The point is that they don’t and they deserve kudos for that. Give credit where credit is due.

    Microsoft doesn’t have to enforce activation. Hackers just get around it anyway. Microsoft chooses to do it knowing it inconveniences their customers hoping to deter theft. It’s a difference in corporate philosophy and I happen to think Apple’s got it right.

  19. It’s not that Microsoft doesn’t trust us, Chris. It’s just Microsoft’s Anti-Piracy efforts, thats all. I mean all you gotta do is enter a code in a dialog box and there you go. Apple doesn’t really care because they only share a very small fraction of the computer market.

    I mean if Windows Vista didn’t have an activation code, everyone would be getting it from a torrent and still get all the features for free.

  20. Chris’s point is how a company treats its users. Having bought, installed, and registered Microsoft software for more than 20 years, I’m surprised that Microsoft sees me FIRST as criminal, SECOND as a thief, and only later as a customer.

    I could care less about Apple, but I already know that their OS is better than Microsoft’s OS. Me? I’m happy with GNU/Linux these days, thanks to Microsoft for kicking me in the grapes and pushing me out the door.

  21. Activation does absolutely nothing but nag actual legitimate customers!! They have already hacked Vista in a way that makes it fully activated and working with updates and such. The people who pirate vista actually have it much easier without the hassles of activation. It’s absurd that Vista will de-activate with something as simple as a video card swap, and even installing new device drivers!!

  22. re: “How many people have Macs?”

    By most accounts: When choosing and paying for a computer with their own money, 1 in 6 Americans will buy a Mac (about twice the rate of those who would build one themselves).

    When buying for someone else, the numbers change dramatically.

  23. I also agree with those who are defending Microsoft. Chirs is apple paying you to be a sudden wow mac is awesome guy? Seriously?? Are they??? So as an honest Microsoft customer why have you been so haunted by Activation? I’ve paid for every version of Windows I have used and activation as never been an issue for me… as long I install the same copy of windows on the same machine it has not bugged me. I did switch machines once and it caused a slight setback but the quick and painless call to MS and telling them what happened corrected my problem… it took about ten minutes.

    Apple rul3s windows ha ha ha ha! you’re just as bad as the other os war fanbois now. you use to be kinda even but youre suddenly very crooked. you are no longer helping your community but rather showing off leopard like its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    you are pathetic you really are. especially the way you laugh at activation. only people who ive seen with issues with it are those who admit yeah i downloaded windows off a torrent because im l33t like that. how much is apple paying you to turn your site into nothing but an advertisement? its not that your switching that bugs anyone or me its the fact that it all seems like an advertisement. chris grow up

  24. Ok so show me a 8 core Xeon Mac with room for 6 Sata or SAS drives with Builtin 6 drive Sata RAID card (a $999 option at the applesore by itself). Room for 16 Gig RAM for $1139.

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  26. I bought seperate copies of leopard for my iMac and my MacBook. I find it so sad that people don’t understand that illegal use of software is just the same as any form of “regular”theft. I also appreciate the fact that Apple trusts it’s customers, but with the company’s growing popularity, I’m wondering how long it will last.

  27. PC users won’t believe it but you can install Leopard on any Mac made after 2004 (the earliest G4 chips which is “three’ chips ago).

    AND it will actually speed up any Mac, add new features and be more stable.

    Of course, PC users think we’re talking out of a second mouth to a Yeti who just stepped off a UFO.

    I should also mention the upgrade will take about 30 minutes and 99.999% of users are then ready after a retstart. Yes, nothing else to upgrade or upload … again, I know you don’t believe it and it’s probably like taking someone from the marshes to see Rome 15 centuries ago …

    People buy Macs because they don’t want to pretend it’s Halloween year around and play IT all day and all night – it’s that simple. Of course, people pirate WIN – honestly, is it worth $400 or does it seem like a near final release but still beta? How many days do you go before you see a warning like one that I get every 3 days – The USB device you attached is a USB device that is not recognized (WTH?)

    So, why would you pay $400 for something that’s not quite ready for release?

    Of course, ironically, MS sticks it to people who do pay to make up for the lost revenue to everyone who thinks WIn is not worth paying for … and of course, then MS proceeds to glitch that up also the day their MS server went down for 2 days with no one at MS noticing …

    But then I guess calling MS on the 800/900 number is exactly the same as having a company store staffed with employees who can answer everything … or well, maybe not – after all, these answers from MS are worth $75 a call:

    1) have you reformatted the drive?
    2) talk to the manufacturer – not our fault

  28. Wow… I hear some people genuinely glad to not have to deal with activation which was the only unbiased point in the this link. The rest of you can’t pull your heads out of your behinds far enough to realize the OS sells the hardware, a fact Microsoft forgot long ago.

    They were losing millions of dollars to piracy? Um I didn’t see Gates and Ballmer losing any weight over it. Truth of the matter is the same people who pirated before activation still pirate. All they did was keep the pirates from putting it on Grandma’s PC and letting her get frustrated her Machine is to slow to email her needlework pictures to Aunt Tilly, which in turn made her decide to ask the DorkSquad how to make it work and get sucked into paying another $800 for her second computer in two years.

    My iBook runs Leopard just fine. If you think the argument for activation is piracy then I think there’s a Job for you in the Bush Administration. If they won’t play by your rules then make them hide in caves and develop more (Linux) ways to overthrow you.

    Apple trusts you to want to upgrade, not have to feel forced into it. Thats where the trust ends. You in turn need to trust Apple to listen to you as a user, if you don’t use there products why even comment on them, your argument is meaningless. They do listen to their consumers and that’s been proven.

    And I don’t know how someone brought AT&T into this. If you can’t hang with AT&T then the iPhone is not for you, period. The only person who locks you into it is you. Apple couldn’t make that any more clear.

    I haven’t seen any better ideas. Just a lot of whining.

  29. Danny is absolutely right…Another way to look at it is Apple is like the printers we buy or even get free with system purchases. Where they get u is on the Ink cartridges. We all know how much that is….So Apple really could give away their O/S because you will need to buy their expensive hardware to run it, that is where they get ther profits .. So lets be honest “Apple trust you ” ….I dont think so. Remember this a $129 upgrade or service pack not a new OS.

    If they had 90% of the market you better believe that apple would have it locked down like MS needs to right now. Just look at the iphone fiasco for an scary example…That is a glimpse of things to come if Apple had more market share. So it is very smart for them to “Trust You ” with the OS .

    So keep bowing down and kissing up, but just remember this …If or when apple does control more PC market share things will change for you in a bad way. If you think jobs is controlling freak with his iphone you havent seen anything yet ………. Just be careful for what you fanboys wish for.

  30. Apple is the feel good company.

    When I think of Microsoft, my first thought is “ok, what hoops do I have to jump through to make this work”

    I agree, thank you Apple.

  31. I’m down with any company grown up enough to realize that if someone wants to pirate something, they will. XP activation was a joke and it seems that Vista had some bugs there for a time. Again, we are an OS X/Ubuntu household. So some of you may feel that activation is ‘necessary’. And to those happy Vista users, more power to ya. 😉

  32. “Trust”? Yes and No. 😉
    Apple control the entire ecosystem, at this point they could just simply “trust” the users without much concern…

  33. Come on Chris… you’re smarter than this. You know it has nothing to do with trust. As everyone has already posted here – Apple is a hardware company. They’ve already sold you the hardware. Until you can “pirate” an entire Mac, they have no reason to worry about piracy.

    They also don’t worry about expanding their market in countries like China.

    They don’t have people building their own Macs and then trying to get the OS for free. For the tiny group of people that do the Hackintosh thing, Apple works feverishly to block them or brick their machines.

    It’s not about trust. It’s about them having no reason to persue an “activation” scheme. The fact that it’s more convenient is a nice side effect.

  34. They allow you to put it on as many computers as you want because they don’t expect anyone to be stupid enough to be in the direct possession of more than 5 pieces of Apple hardware.

  35. No offense, but you sound like you drive a Saturn (because Saturn cares about people, right?). Maybe the licence has to do with tech support. You obviously have to give them a license key when you call them up.

  36. Apple can afford to look like they care because unlike Microsoft, Apple OS only runs on one company’s machine – Apple. Windows gets pirated all the time and Microsoft has to take this into account; Apple doesn’t have to worry as much because if Apple OS is being installed somewhere, it’s on an Apple computer they sold.

  37. I think Patrick Jakubowski put it best, and I’ll reinforce that Apple is most interested in selling hardware, so copy protecting the OS isn’t a big necessity as it is for Microsoft. Apple “trusts” us when there’s little price for it, and doesn’t (see iPhone) when there is.

    darkxero01 misses that hardware point — “Macs could do alot more if they quit being stupid and only letting people use os X on mac computers only.” Sure, that might be nice for some people who want to build beige boxes, but it’s not in Apple’s interest as a primarily hardware company, and because it can also avoid trying to support the myriad different hardware configurations that would result.

    They even tried it, sort of, a little over a decade ago, when they licensed Mac clones. Aaaaand that was just about the point where Apple nearly died from lack of money, because software and clone licenses don’t make them as much as Macs (and now iPods and iPhones).

    So sure, it would be fun to run Mac OS X on a generic PC. But Apple has no incentive whatsoever to make that happen without completely reconfiguring the business model it has had since 1976 — selling computers. And if it did, we’d be seeing activation and other copy protection pretty damn quick too.

  38. Anybody who thinks “Leopard appears to be no better than Vista in features” simply doesn’t know. Time Machine alone is worth the price of the whole thing. It may well be the single most impressive piece of software I’ve ever used.
    Any anybody who says “big deal, I’ve had incremental backs for years,” well, you also simply don’t know how good it is.

  39. now i never said that osx doesnt have some nicer features then vista but this site to me now is nothing more then a apple advertisement with a apple fan sitting besides his computer. look! when i type in firewall it brings me to the apple firewall and defines it sweet. time machine i have looked and its a sweet looking view on something the windows world has had for a while. apple makes things pretty and for some reason when they see something pretty it must be brand new and an apple only inovation.

    by the way typing firewall in windows help brings you a definition and links that you can click to walk you through step by step to for example turn the firewall off. also the desktop instant search upon typing firewall shows you the windows firewall as the first option below that was every document, msn conversation, etc, where i had said or written the firewall. now see what is so bad about desktop search the first few options are the most likely guesses while the bottom ones are instances of the word in documents and emails. not so bad?

    acting amazed and posting tons of apple videos just showing off features screams advertising. do what you do best.. you are not a apple advertisement.

  40. The areas Apple doesn’t trust you:
    iTunes DRM was to placate the record companies, not Apple. Five years ago no record company would have put their songs on the iTunes store if there was no DRM. Likewise the restrictions on getting songs off iPods. Locking the iPhone into AT&T benefits AT&T. Whose idea do you think it is? Think of how many more iPhones Apple could sell if they could work with any carrier. If that was the case, I would have one.
    Those of you that say it doesn’t matter because everyone is installing on Apple hardware anyway… If you bought a Dell, you paid your Microsoft tax… by that logic you should be entitled to the latest Windows version, free of charge.
    I think Chris has got a great point. I also think Microsoft does more harm than good with activation strategies and WGA.

  41. Chris doesn’t really have to “advertise” Apple — the products tend to do this on their own merits.

    PC World: fastest Vista notebook is a Mac

    Computerworld: Macs tops in reliability

    PC Mag and Consumer Reports also give Macs top marks for reliability.

    Intel CEO Paul Otellini uses a Mac, according to BusinessWeek. So does Pat Gelsinger, Intel VP of Enterprise Systems. So does Les Vadasz, Intel co-founder and employee #3. So does Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web. So does David Hansson, inventor of Ruby on Rails, and his entry in Wikipedia states: ‘the stigma of being a Web programmer still using Windows will increase’

    Matthew Glotzbach, product management director at Google Enterprise, said of his iPhone in comparison to everything else: “”If you successfully innovate, you make the old way of doing things seem broken” — see

    Zealots can rant all they want, doesn’t change the fact that many people can appreciate the design and functional excellence of Apple products, which make inferior counterparts seem like chrome-plated turds. And I say this as someone who worked for IBM, Compaq, and Fujitsu, and owns a Dell PowerEDGE running Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition and a nice 24-inch Dell Ultrasharp LCD — which is also hooked up to a Mac.

  42. Chris, or anyone who might know. It was mentioned in this vid that there will be new mac pros out soon. Does anyone know when and if they will have new imacs as well. I am going to make the switch from windows and am willing to wait if they are coming out soon. Thanks

  43. I don’t understand why everybody is getting so fired up about one guy’s opinion. All he said is that he likes that Apple trusts him enough to only install what he paid for. This does not need to be a spitting match about what OS is better (yes, I prefer OSX) Geez, lighten up… If you like WIndows use WIndows, if you like OSX use OSX, no need to get all huffy and puffy about it.

  44. For crying out loud, Chris, get out of bed with Apple already. The sheets are way too dirty for you to cuddle up to them any longer. Is this supposed to make us feel all warm and cozy? Blech….you’re just starting to make me ill with all this.

  45. Chris I agree with you on the trust that apple bestows on us, users. in-fact I have seen in many OS X apps now an I paid tick box where one could just check it, as if they had paid for it but hadn’t. I don’t myself unless I have paid for that particular peace of software.
    I ‘m also using OS X Leopard and loving it. thanks for sharing your story

  46. Once again, we get back to comparing Apples and Oranges (or whatever fruit MS wants to be)…

    We are comparing a smaller HARDWARE company – that creates software for THEIR products – with a mega-corporation that only develops SOFTWARE.

    One has millions of $$$ to play around with, while the other rakes in BILLIONS…

    I think the ONLY valid argument here is made by “lovemeAlice23” – about whether or not to come over and have a beer with her ;);););)

  47. i love apple os X but my mac broke 🙁 so now i HAVE to use microsoft xp pro. so as u can imagine i was upset when my mac broke but now i have to use xp pro i am even more upset.

  48. Hey Chris, This made me offically want to switch to Mac.Anyways, My cuurent Vista laptop has bluescreened on me more then once. I’ve had to Avtivate home premium 3 times and the time was NOT a charm, everytime my laptop boots up it says actuvation failed…..Why Microsoft, I’m not a pirate

  49. Every company has its evils. Its the choice the customer makes that is important. It really doesn’t matter who shoots semen first, what matters is who eats it. Get it?! 😀

  50. oh wow. people suck up to apple WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much. Is like after you buy a mac, you get this hate for microsoft and their cheap products. lol. I hate how apple just released a crappy product(ipod classic). Yet they get the best reviews ever. It’s crazy. I had to literally return 2 ipods before I got a decent ipod classic that worked. I’m still waiting for apple to admit that retarded sluggishness problem, so they can finally fix it.

  51. I so wanna upgrade to Leopard, but not sure if I can. We’re tryin to cut down on the spending for awhile…. Maybe next year, duno…. Only had tiger for a little over a yr…

  52. Every company has its evils. Its the choice the customer makes that is important. It really doesn’t matter who shoots semen first, what matters is who eats it. Get it?! 😀

  53. oh wow. people suck up to apple WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to much. Is like after you buy a mac, you get this hate for microsoft and their cheap products. lol. I hate how apple just released a crappy product(ipod classic). Yet they get the best reviews ever. It’s crazy. I had to literally return 2 ipods before I got a decent ipod classic that worked. I’m still waiting for apple to admit that retarded sluggishness problem, so they can finally fix it.

  54. I so wanna upgrade to Leopard, but not sure if I can. We’re tryin to cut down on the spending for awhile…. Maybe next year, duno…. Only had tiger for a little over a yr…

  55. I got some certification certmagic to easy.

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    You see, in Vista updating a printer driver or installing a “software device” (like DivX codecs/drivers or Nero suite…), is a violation of licencing, and Vista will ask for a new activation key…

    You did it 3 times, buy a new Vista licence. I do not trust MS anymore!!!

    Why I cannot install any Office suite (except 2007) on Vista? I do not need a newer version, Word 2 is very good for what I am doing…

  57. Me again… Years ago, after buing a new pc with XP Pro, I finish installing a cracked version of it. Why? Well, at least my Video card is changing at few months, HDD on a weeks basis, and SM/MB yearly…

  58. Even with M$ having dropped the ball a bit with Vista I do not think the software giant is ever going to be replaced with Apple. They are two different companies like one of the previous posts. Apple makes the software for their products. While Microsoft makes software for hundreds if not thousands of different computer companies.

    Companies copy each other all the time this is nothing new. Microsoft could say Tiger stole the Windows Desktop Search idea. Sure.. Spotlight and Tiger finished before Vista but when the Longhorn Preview in 2002-2003? demo’d windows desktop search OS X (Panther??) did not yet have spotlight. Some people say that apple saw this idea and decided to throw it in there next OS X (Tiger) and beat microsoft to the punch… I guess… I don’t really know… OS X works… Windows Vista works… Windows XP works… Linux works for some …

    ……is any of this really a big deal anymore?

  59. I bought the family pack at AUS$250 Apple overcharge Australians, but like Chris said, I’m honest, I knew the family pack disc is the same as the single pack, but I support Apple and Love OSX that’s why I bought the family pack.

    I have many macs, the family pack was for me.

  60. i honestly did betray there trust, because i bought a new alumiMac and i thought it was unfair that i saved up all my money for….so i borrowed it from a friend….i kinda dont feel bad…and im 17 lol! but ya i love apple leopard!

  61. Apple is not being stupid, they are being smart. Opening up the Software to other platforms would 1. make them lose a large percentage of sales, apple is a hardware company: what happens when you talk away the hardware? 2. have compatibility issues with drivers, like windows and make Apple put in more and more support for more drivers, making the OS more bloated

  62. Did you say that because I put holes through your statement? Or is it because you want a piece of the Mac pie, but can’t have it? Jump in anytime, the water is lovely. Oh, and by the way, I am no fan boy. I thought it was very stupid of Apple to put development of the iPhone before the development of OS X by delaying the release of the OS and moving workers to iPhone development. I do not agree with all of Apple’s actions, but I will defend my Mac with my dying breath.

  63. and that constitutes me as an Apple fanboy? Let me put it this way. I am not the most avid person for women getting abortions, but I again, I will defend their right to get them. So does that make me an abortion fanboy? hmmm….

  64. When I looked at some new MP3 players about 6 months back, I did seriously look at one of the Ipods but friends who have/had Ipods said “don’t bother, they never work”. I then decided to get a Creative Zen V Plus and I’m glad I did because it’s never had problem, I even dropped it in a pint of milkshake and after cleaning and an hours slow heated drying (and praying) it came back to life!

  65. apple is taking the market with a different approach. which seems to be better than ms cause if you look at statistics its gaining some space in the market. of course not the whole thing but a slow start is better than a slow down….just got my new mac.

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