Tech Treats as Halloween Candy Alternatives

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Are you tired of giving out unhealthy candy for Halloween? Why not give out some of these Geek alternatives?

  • Pre-customized blank CDs or DVDs in jewel cases
  • Low-capacity USB keys
  • Mouse Pads
  • LED Trinkets
  • Stickers of Tux the Penguin

Happy Halloween!

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18 thoughts on “Tech Treats as Halloween Candy Alternatives”

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  2. Where does the Halloween word comes from? Is it Hallow+Queen?
    Can you give me a quick answer,I don’t know I will write it in my homework.And by the way entering to your chatroom is very difficult,I am always being banned 🙁

  3. hand out copies of linux, it might take some time to burn a couple hundered cd’s though since we have a ton of trick-o-treaters that come to our house

  4. Get some razor blades, put ’em on the CDs and Bam!! you got Ninja Stars. Kids love Those!! Just remember to put a disclaimer on them so you dont get sued. As easy as 1 2 3 !!

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