Top 5 Halloween Costumes for a Geek or Nerd

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When I was a kid, I always dressed as Han Solo. I wasn’t very imaginative back then, I suppose. I decided to try and come up with a list of excellent Geek Halloween costumes.

  • Steve Jobs
  • an iPhone or iPod
  • Chris Crocker
  • A Blue Screen of Death
  • the FreeBSD Demon… or even the Linux Penguin

What other cool geeky/nerdy costume ideas do you have? Leave me a comment, or send me an email to let us know!

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30 thoughts on “Top 5 Halloween Costumes for a Geek or Nerd”

  1. dude.. what do u do all day?? don.t u have a job or anything?? in my opinion.. i think u r a geek.. who clearly has no idea about anything. what the hell do u win from this stupid videos?

  2. 1. almost all TRUE geeks hate bill gates and steve jobs. 2. a true geek costume is gonna be more along the lines of a specific hardware device, or a character in a game. like gordon freeman for half-life, duke nukem, or a counter-terrorist or terrorist from counter-strike.

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