How to Get Vista for Free?

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This is so excellent! A friend sent me this tip on how to possibly upgrade to Vista for free! Check out the video to see how you, too, can benefit from this offer. The upgrade path seems easy enough, but check out what LifeJustIs2007 sent to me last night:

I managed to get a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate. I’ve been using it for quite a while, went back to XP for a little bit and now I’m back to Vista Ultimate again to give it one last chance and see if maybe I’m not seeing something that I should be, which chances are I’m seeing everything there is to see about Vista….which you know is not much. I do have to say the visual effects are impressive and pretty however I agree with you 100% that this is not the most important thing to the consumer and is just a marketing scheme to get people to buy the product based on looks and not functionality. I would highly recommend that anyone considering buying Windows Vista not waste their money on Windows Vista Ultimate as the features that are included do not differ so much as the much less expensive Home Premium and Home Basic for those who don’t need Aero or the Media Center functionality.

Has Microsoft come a long way? I believe they have but I will say that your statement about Vista not being what the consumer wants and or needs is 100% true. The average consumer just wants to know that they can turn on their machine and it will just work and not have to worry about tasks just to keep Windows barely running. For the most I see no reason to upgrade to Windows Vista. Drivers haven’t seemed to be a problem for me much but I will say I have found a few glitches, luckily no BSODs. Windows Vista needs a lot of work and hopefully they have realized that. All my programs that I normally use seem to be functioning but I can see what everyone talks about with it not being worth the money to upgrade other than to impress your friends.

The next version of Windows really needs to be fresh code and they need to stop copying Apple. You can’t make the Windows world an Apple world, it just doesn’t happen! Sure you can slap on a skin with Windows Blinds or a similar product but Windows will never be Mac and Mac will never be Windows, end of story. As for my overall opinion of Vista….it’s not ready for the public, it’s really not, I think they should have worked faster and harder and not have slacked off for 6 years. The operating system is a mess and it needs to be fixed.

Now onto the next subject….Mac. I believe that Mac is doing extremely well, I’ve never owned a Mac but have had the pleasure of playing with one in one of the Apple Stores at a local mall. I think they are sleek and exactly what the average person needs. Yes they cost a lot of money but for what I see, you’re getting a damn good machine for your hard earned cash. If I had a job right now that was bringing in the dough, I’d be buying a Mac. I watched the whole demo on Apples website and I must tell you, it blows Windows Vista out of the water and I am impressed beyond belief. The simplest way I can put it, you buy a Mac and you will prevent a lot of headaches, now of course I can only base this on the hours spent in an Apple store using the Macs and testing them out but I figured I’d share what I thought. Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know what you think. See you around in chat.

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69 thoughts on “How to Get Vista for Free?”

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  3. Yikes. I wouldn’t install Vista even if I could get a copy for free. I’m in IT support, and I agree with your friend, this operating system is a complete mess. But I’ll go one step further and say not only is it not for the public, it’s not for IT either. And it’s gonna take a few years for them to clean it up. I’m sticking with XP until Microsoft stops supporting it. Only then would I consider downgrading to Vista.

  4. That stuff about Apple is a load of rubbish… PC’s are NOT cheaper… have a look on the PC Pro website, it says just that!

  5. well, I’m at the crossroads of “do I buy vista ultimate” (I tend to go for as “uncrippled” a version of windows as possible, tho the diff between home premium and ultimate isn’t as marked as it was between home and proffessional vers of xp) to continue using it as my tv pc – I have found media centre to be alright even when I have my bugs with it .

    I scribbled a kinda jumbled train wreck of an article about it on my website


  6. Lol. Seriously – I wouldn’t use Vista if it came with a free car, a holiday and lots of spending money… OS X or Windows XP is the only way to actually use your computer and do anything useful. Or even going back to Windows 98SE… Gosh that was ages ago hahah.

  7. omg chris lol i was like vista for free?huh and then i couldnt find computer management thing and i trued to look closer and then that thing popuped and u made me jump lol at first i was shocked but i imagine myself and my priceless face lol good one happy halloween!!!:P

  8. Lifeis2007 comments are worthless. He only has used Mac’s at Apple stores and comes up with the conlcusion that Apple OS is better than Windows Vista. What a scientific test !!! Chris, don;t put this type of worhtless opinions on your blogs. there’;s nothing ‘good’ about them. It does not help your cause.

  9. AARF! I commented on this from reading the blog post – I hadn’t actually seen the video. But all the comments made me curious. Too funny! LOL

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  11. They’ve definitely closer to calling NOT beta. I’ve noticed that it’s utilizing the multiple cores better or rather that nows of the other cores. I usually run 2 instances of a mmorpg game (multiboxing) and I used to have to set the affinity cause it would run both instances on the same core…now I noticed it runs the 2nd instance of the game on the 2nd core… nice!

  12. m$ would have to pay me and even then i would cheat when they r not looking and use ubuntu or another form of linux 🙂

  13. I read on that Vista is one of the least pirated versions of windows out there. All i could think was “wow, people don’t even want to STEAL vista :(“

  14. ….i was scared,
    but u can bug vista DVDs for 10yuan (1.3dollar) almost everywhere in china.
    and u can get some program in internet to help to 激活 stop)
    : )

  15. Chris,

    You’re a hack- You once had a stronghold but now its faded. I think my main question is… Whose your sponsor? Why are they so stringent about your online persona? You’re a ” ” geek ” ” with $$ and it has to come from somewhere. Honestly, your website is like one fake coupon book. Last night I saw an ad for fleece jackets and “other outdoor gear”. Nothing at all to do with geeks. It was the first article, too. And so was the second, and third article- All “coupon ads” written to look like real articles.

    Go to college man- pass on this nonsense sponsorship thats turning you and your website into a puppetshow. Its gotta be somehow related to either Time Warner or Viacom, right? That alone should smell fishy…

    But, if you, Chris, (or whomever is approving this message) agrees this style of business is sustainable, then you may very soon realize that the average American knows a real geek from some internet hack any day.

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