Change Your Desktop Theme in Windows XP

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Several people joined me on a GoToMeeting. Using that, we can share and see each others’ desktops, as well as talk to each other. During this video, one of the chatters shared with us the site he uses to customize his desktop.

GoToMeeting is a great way to conference in several people at once. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and we’ve had a great time getting a bunch of our community members together. The interaction has sparked some excellent conversation.

One of the chatters has a really cool desktop, and was asked where he got it from. There are two different places he goes: and At both sites, you can obtain free images to use for your desktop wallpaper.

Changing your wallpaper on your XP desktop is simple. Once you’ve saved the picture you want to use, do the following:

  • Right click anywhere on your desktop and choose “properties”.
  • Click on the “desktop” tab
  • Click “browse”, and navigate to where your picture is saved, then select it.
  • Click “Apply”, and you’re all set! You can also choose whether to display the picture centered, stretched, or tiled.

Also, you can simply navigate to your picture on your hard drive, right click on it, and choose to “save as desktop background”… you just don’t get the options to center it, etc.

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