Pet Halloween Costumes

Two years ago, Halloween was tons of fun. My wife and I were finally in a Seattle neighborhood filled with friendly families. There were plenty of kids ringing our doorbell that night, but I quickly discovered the “trick or treat” custom in the Pacific Northwest is different than the one I grew up with.

When I was a kid in Iowa, you had to tell a joke to the host before you could get candy from them. Not so in other places, apparently. What are your local Halloween traditions?

The last time Ponzi and I dressed up for Halloween, Wicket and Pixie were forced to play along:


Earlier this week, Ponzi purchaseed Halloween costumes for the four of us. She’ll be Cleopatra, I’ll be Marc Antony. As for the two dogs, well…

Princess Pixie and Wicket Vader (02)

They stood perfectly still for this photo, and if you don’t believe me – just watch this video. Minutes after this was filmed, Pixie wet herself and Wicket bit my left hand: