eStarling Digital Picture Frame Unboxing

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The last digital picture frame I had started off great. Over time, the software just didn’t do the things I needed it to. I decided to give eStarling’s new frame a try. If it lives up to the advertising, it’s going to be excellent.

The new eStarling WiFi Digital Picture Frames appear to be a huge improvement over their old counterparts. Initially, their products weren’t that great, and failed miserably in the software department. When I stumbled across a post the other day mentioning the new version eStarling has put out, I decided to give it a try.


Unwrapping the package, I sincerely hope it lives up to the hype. This frame is excellent looking. It’s very slim and sleek, with a glossy black frame. They’ve taken the eStarling logo off the front, which made their previous offerings appear cheesy. The controls on the back of the frame are well-labeled for ease-of-use. Some of the promises from the box include:

  • Unique email address assigned to the frame to allow users to email pictures directly
  • Multiple RSS feeds allowed
  • Web-to-Frame capability
  • Email-to-Frame capability
  • Ability to send email and RSS feeds from the frame across the Web

If it does all this, I’m going to be one happy geek, for sure. Stay tuned for the product review!

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