Mobile Gadget and Phone Etiquette

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Not long ago, I asked our viewers to send me an email with their “Top 5…” as it relates to anything tech. Gordon sent in an excellent list regarding phone etiquette. Following is Gordon’s list:

  • When talking to a friend face to face and the phone rings, abruptly stop talking and answer the phone, and talk as long as you like. It doesn’t matter if it ‘s your mother, your boss or a salesman trying to sell something. Your friend will understand.
  • Leave your ringer turned up while at movies, church, or funerals. When the inevitable phone call comes in and everyone has to listen to the latest rap or country song try not to be noticed as you fumble to turn it off. Everyone will understand.
  • Talk on your phone while driving, weave in and out of traffic lanes, stop abruptly, tailgate and force other cars out of their lanes, while glaring at the other drivers with a “Can’t you see I’m on the phone?” expression. The other drivers will understand.
  • Send text messages and treat them as if they were some kind of top secret military information that if anyone saw them the security of our nation would be compromised. When receiving a humorus text, laugh loudly and don’t tell anyone what is so funny. They’ll understand.
  • Brag to your friend how much better your new phone is than everybody elses, and try not to look too disappointed when a month later your friend gets one that is cheaper and has more features. You’ll understand.

I always hated using my phone while driving, until Bluetooth became available. Although, people who see me driving now think I’m talking to myself or crazy… but they thought that anyway. And poor Wicket. He’s just not ready for his own phone. Maybe one day soon…

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