The Reasons I Chose Rackspace for Hosting

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In the years I’ve been online, I’ve had a few email hosts (that is, I have my email services hosted apart from my Web servers). When I was looking to start working in an Exchange environment, I asked for recommendations from friends. The choices were either affordable or stable… and I wanted both. It’s the reason I ended up with with Rackspace for managed Exchange hosting (and thanks to Greg for walking us through the process).

Rackspace is renowned for their support. Their logo says right on it “Fanatical Support is the Difference”. They aren’t kidding. The support we’ve gotten from them since switching has been phenominal. Every support ticket we’ve had to open on their website has been quickly and professionally answered. In one instance, I needed help setting up the Exchange on my Windows machine. I called in, and the tech on the phone was so friendly. He connected to my machine and set it up while talking to me. I was able to watch him, so that I will be able to set it up myself in the future if need be. Their support is the #1 reason I recommend Rackspace.

My second reason is the price. For the level of service and support you are receiving, you can’t beat the cost. There is a 5 account minimum, and it runs about $15.00 per account. Since the email storage was just bumped up to 1GB per account, that made the price that much more economical.

Reason #3 is the name. Rackspace is a well known company, with an excellent reputation. I know they aren’t going to disappear on me next week. Sure, JoeSchmoe Hosting may be cheaper, but who’s heard of them? How long will they be able to stick it out?

The guaranteed uptime is reason four that I recommend Rackspace. “100% Network Uptime Isn’t Wishful Thinking, It’s A Guaranteed Reality”… that’s their guarantee. 100% uptime? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Finally, my last (but NOT least) reason for recommending Rackspace is that they are willing and able to expand with my needs. As our company grows, I needed to make sure that my provider can grow with me. They have excellent options and packages, and everything is customizable.

For anyone looking for web hosting service, Email Exchange environments, or even Database services… Rackspace gets my stamp of approval.

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22 thoughts on “The Reasons I Chose Rackspace for Hosting”

  1. Been using Rackspace for the duration. Two of the founders, Dirk Elmendorf and Richard Yoo, are married to two Linux Journal women as well. The place is, almost literally, family. And their service is, as ya say, outstanding.

  2. I would second your Rackspace recommendation. I’ve been a customer since 2000 with all of my companies (at first I hedged my bets and used several providers, but I know use them almost exclusively). The service they provide has been excellent no matter how big our account was at the time. We had one server when we started and now spend tens of thousands of dollars a month for our server farms. Every problem has been dealt with professionally and in a timely manner. They frequently go beyond what they are required to do and are also very proactive in what they do to service an account.

  3. I have recommended Rackspace to my clients for years. Like you have experienced, their support is unparalled. However, not everyone can afford them. (Perhaps for Exchange, they are affordable, but their entry hosting accounts start at over $300.) For those that can’t manage the expense, the next best in the industry is ServInt, I’ve found. You get nearly the the same fanatical support as Rackspace, at a 3rd the cost. Even so, I’ve found nothing that beats Rackspace if you run mission-critical applications.

  4. Wow! Watching your video made my weekend. Big thank you, Chris, for all your kind thoughts. I am going to speak to Xavier about a coupon for your readers. We are very excited about Mail Hosting, too.

    When Rackspace was launched in 1998 we had no intention of having good support (today we refer to this period as our “denial of support” strategy). In 2000 we turned 180 degrees to focus on the ultimate support experience and the head of our support group coined the words Fanatical Support. All the experts said it was a bad plan…. They felt were really focusing on a tiny slice of the market that really appreciates good service. Well, it turns out that “tiny slice” is huge after all. It ts thrilling to us that Fanatical Support applies to email hosting, as well as web hosting. The more critical things are, the more support matters. We have become the #1 fastest growing Exchange Host in a matter of months.

    Thank you Chris

  5. I have no doubt that Rackspace are great if you’re over the water, but here in the UK my experience has been not so great. For example, a migration of services from 3 servers in one datacentre to 3 newer servers in another – a simple instruction of “set up the networking exactly the same as it is in the old environment” (multiple IP addresses per server, load balancing etc). They just said “OK” and then sat on it, doing nothing. It’s not until a week before the go-live that we find out it hasn’t been done, and they tell us they need us to spell it out for them – exact specs (even though they have all the documentation for the last setup). So I provide them with it, and it still isn’t done by the time we’re doing the full migration a week later, leading to my boss and I wasting our entire Sunday doing what should have been a) a one hour job, and b) *their* job. This is just one example….they’re just not on the ball at all. Very little proactive support, no initiative and almost zero commitment to getting the job done.

    That said, whenever we’ve had experience with the support techs stateside, everything’s been spot-on (we ended up going to them to get everything fixed over here for the migration).

  6. I’ve been with Rackspace now for about seven years. I don’t recall having any down time or problems, except when I’ve broken stuff myself. Back in 2005, I installed an open source stats package, which opened the door for an Apache-level compromise. Shortly after, my machine quit playing nice and started brute-force SSH attacks on other servers. I received a phone call at home from the admin of one computer that was being attacked. He wasn’t all that happy about the situation. That’s exactly when you need fanatical support. I called support, they ran through the log files, fount the entry point, identified the concerns, and had the machine cleaned in roughly thirty minutes. I have nothing but great experiences with Rackspace, and always recommend them to anyone I know that needs hosting.

  7. Hrrmm… I’ve been put in charge (aka *drafted*) into finding a new host service for our church – and after reading this, I’m going to look into RackSpace. I hope that potential coupon Graham mentioned becomes a reality…I just may need it! 🙂

  8. Excellent vlog. Rackspace user support is top notch. They have literally redefined how customers are treated. I can guarantee everytime I call Rackspace the person who greets me actually speaks real English!

  9. Would you provide me with an update on how they have been treating you for e-mail reliability?

    Thank you

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