How to Increase the Life of your Laptop Battery

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Mitch Bartlett has written in several times before with tips and tricks. They are always excellent advice. This time, he is giving me a few pointers about extending the life of my battery in my laptop. I wanted to share these with you.

The number one priority in extending the life of your laptop battery is to avoid undue heat. Laptops run hot, and that heat can kill your battery. Some laptops allow you to remove the battery any time you are plugged into a wall. This will help save not only on heat, but actual use of the battery, as well. You can also get something similar to the ChillPak. This is a little matt that goes under the laptop, and helps to keep it cool. The Chill Pak is a simple, reusable, cooling gel pak, similar to a medical ice pack, but made of a special material which eliminates condensation, making it safe for use with a notebook computer. Just refrigerate the Chill Pak, place it under your notebook, and watch as your computer speeds up.

Another tip has to do with actual charging of the battery. I’ve always been told that you want to try to keep your battery charge around 40%. I don’t know the technology behind this, it’s just what I’ve been told. Feel free to enlighten me with a comment or follow-up email to this video.

You know how you periodically drain your battery all the way and then recharge it? Don’t do this too often… it can actually shorten the lifespan of the battery. You should only do this once about every 30 or so charges.

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