How to Turn Yourself into a Cartoon

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – Have you ever wanted to be a cartoon? Wouldn’t it be great to live in cartoon-land? Well, now you can… even if it is just in pictures.

At you can turn yourself, your friends, or any picture of your choosing into a cartoon! There are two separate parts of this great site. The “Cartoonizer” is where the user re-creates images/videos by turning them into digital paintings, cartoons and comics in just a few seconds without downloading any tool. The second one was Uvatar (coming from avatar where u represents “You”) which features an exact illustrated representation of its owner, including facial expressions!

Right now, Befunky is still in testing phase. You can join for free and help test by entering your email, and receiving an invite. Try it out! With just a few mouse clicks, you too can be a cartoon.

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