Clear Search in IE History

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – I have been trying for years to get my parents to switch to Firefox. They still use IE, even though they complain about it a lot. Mom was recently wondering how to get rid of all those saved searches in IE 7.

My mom has a new blog. She does a lot of researching to find things to help her in her writing. Apparently, her search history in IE7 has gotten quite large, and she’s wanting to clean it out some.

Being me, I figured this is a simple matter. Open IE, go to Tools>Internet Options>General tab. Under browsing, click the delete button, which opens up the dialoge box. There you have options to clear cookies, cache, form data, passwords…. but no search history? What the heck?

Apparently, in order to clear that search data in the box, you have to delete all form data. This includes websites you’ve asked to save your name, usernames, etc. You know… that whole “auto complete” thing we all use to save us time. What if I don’t want to delete all that though? In that case, I can manually go through that form data, and delete things I don’t want one by one. This will, of course, take a very long time if there’s a lot there.

Well, mom… just one more reason you should be using Firefox.

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