Using HDTV as PC Monitor

I have my HDTV (a plasma screen) set up as the monitor for my Mac Mini in my home office and it works quite well. “Velislide” contacted me this afternoon with issues related to his LCD HDTV connected to his PC, however:

I recently bought a 32″ LCD HDTV (Panasonic Viera Black) to replace my 17″ Dell LCD that I’ve been using. This beast has 2x HDMI In so Im using one with a DVI to HDMI cable that connects to my Geforce XFX 8600GT. Now if I look at text @ 720p resolution, with Sharpness at the middle point or turned up, the text looks VERY pixelated, and VERY hard to read, almost unreadable. I can also see like 3 or 4 mouse “shadows” around the mouse, overlapping each other. Basicly I have to turn down the Sharpness to -30 and it kinda of cleans up the pixelated crap, and makes it readable but not near what my friends 32″ LCD HDTV looks, and his is a VERY cheap one.

From what I understand from lots of reading and research, it has something to do with my Horizontal and Vertical refresh rates, and setting the Video card to match up to my TVs to get a HD quality picture. My xbox 360 looks about 100x better hooked up with Component, but sadly my video card doesnt have the Component out feature. I’ll take a high resolution picture of my screen sometime and see if I can get what the stuff looks like in the picture to give you a better Idea.

Also I read that the current drivers from Nvidia for the Geforce 8 series cards dont allow you to change the Vert/Horiz refresh rates w/ software? Not sure if this is true, but I’m all out of Ideas and have been trying steady for 3 days now to get this thing to come in clear.

I’m hoping I can get my 900$ 32″ LCD to looks at good as my friends 500$ LCD, otherwise I’m going to go insane.

Jake (Ludington) suggests: “Turn off any noise reduction built into the TV. Noise reduction does nasty things to text and is meant for use with video content only (if at all). Make sure the video card and television are both set to 1366×768, which is the recommended resolution from the manufacturer. Having either or both set incorrectly will result in nasty image quality.”

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