My Mom's Blog

In my extended family, there are very few Pirillos and Lambertis who have picked up and honed the writing craft. My maternal grandmother loved to write in her youth, and my mom has also been known to pick up a pen every once in a while as well.

For months, my parents have been begging me to help them start a blog. It was my hope that Lockergnome would have been better positioned to help them by now, but that’s (obviously) still a work-in-progress. This afternoon, I set up separate spaces for both my mom and my dad.

My mom sent me a piece on postcard collecting a few weeks ago, in the hopes that it would be her first post… and so it is:

I first recall collecting postcards at the age of five when a friend of the family started sending me postcards of his travels. As a child, it was exciting to be receiving mail (unlike today when most mail is either bills or junk mail!). Little did Father Keith (missionary) know that he started me on a lifelong love of postcard collecting. I collect postcards as my souvenirs from the travels Joe, husband, and I take. Here are the reasons I think postcards are the absolutely BEST souvenir you can purchase…

Should they ever get a faster connection at home, I’d recommend that dad set up his own YouTube channel (since he has a dynamic personality that may not come across in writing). Until then, however, feel free to leave comments on my mom’s first blog post (EVER).