Geek Squad Problems

I’m going to keep this guy’s name anonymous (for seemingly obvious reasons):

Just saw a video from july where you talk about geek squad. Weird, it was right around that time I began looking for a new job. I currently work at Geek Squad in Baltimore, Maryland and have been there about a year and a month. I do agree with your saying it comes down to the local atmosphere of the specific store that determines what kind of service you get.

I am a bit pro-consumer (and thus a bad employee) and tend to have a “if I can fix it in 15 minutes. it’s on me” attitude. I also work with people, higher up people, who say “if the computer turns on, charge $199.” I also work with people who will sell a $299 service to a customer with a computer over 10 years old. At that point, as I’m sure you’ll agree, that customer is probably better off with a new entry level computer that starts around that same price.

I find Geek Squad to be horrible ONLY due to management. My manager hired a girl based on looks to work in geek squad. Her experience with computers? The Sims and myspace. I have a manager trying to fire people because they don’t do all the paperwork he’s created for us. It’s an atrocious company and do not expect it to last forever. Something else will come along or the services, for the most part, will become obsolete. I try and tell customers how easy it is to install windows with their restore discs. I try to tell them how easy it is to install memory. At that point it’s up to them. It’s not rare that I’ll say, “and if you have any problems just bring it back and I’ll take care of it.” Management would hate that and say that affects the stores closing rate.

Best Buy is a company that only cares about numbers. Managers get bonuses based on the stores performance. Those numbers are shoved down our throats everyday, sometimes hourly, in an effort to increase profit. We get our hours cut when we do not sell enough. Helping customers comes last. Employees come after customers as well. I was guaranteed a raise in August and I’m still waiting. My boss goes to an employee who he suspects to be gay and says “I hope all gay people burn in hell.” I have an HR claim going now and hope something comes of it. Meanwhile, I am going on interviews and keeping my fingers crossed on getting a nice entry-level IT job at a real company. Some might say Geek Squad is entry-level but no. It’s not. It’s a joke. Six foot ethernet cable, $35? $2 for the employees. The company says it’s customer-centric yet the prices are ridiculous (most noticeable on accessories). WD SATA HD? Employee discount it’s $59, just like it is on newegg.