Speed Up Windows Startup with a Processor Tweak

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – One of my favorite chat regulars is SWAT. Not only did he send me a very cool cap to wear, he also sent me an excellent start up optimization tip via EyeJot.

By going to my live.pirillo.com page, you can click on the EyeJot screen at the bottom right and send me a video email! SWAT sent one to me, letting me know that he had noticed that lately my startup on my Vista machine seemed incredibly slow. He’s right, it is. SWAT pointed out that by default, Windows only recognizes one Core, instead of the four that I have. So let’s take a look at his advice.

  • Click on Start>Run
  • type msconfig and click OK.
  • Once that box opens, click on the bootup tab.
  • Under the Boot tab, click on Advanced
  • Click the box next to the number of Cores, and choose the proper number from the dropdown box.
  • Apply and save the changes. Your computer may require a reboot. If it does, go ahead and do so, and notice the difference!

Once I did this, selected four Cores and rebooted, I truly did notice a marked difference in how much faster my machine booted! Thanks, SWAT… for the advice, and the cool cap!

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