Office Compatibility

Chris | Live Tech Support | Video Help | Add to iTunes – A YouTube regular is having problems with Microsoft Office. He has a new laptop running Vista, and Office 07. Documents he saves on his home laptop will not open on his college computer, because the college runs an older version of Office.

The number one thing I can recommend is to download the free Office Compatibility Pack. A compatibility pack is available to make sure that you can open and save Office Open XML Formats in earlier versions of Microsoft Office.

Another option available to you is to save your files differently. If you’re just doing Word documents, be sure to save them as RTF (or Rich Text Format) files. This allows a wider variety of compatibility, and will let you open your documents in older versions of Word. Of course, this won’t save special formatting and things. It will save your font, bolding, etc.

Have you thought of using something like Open Office or Google Docs? Both are free programs, and very easy to use. You’ll have a lot more flexibility on opening, saving and editing your documents and presentations from anywhere, using any computer.

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