Gnomedex, 2007 – Darren Barefoot

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Darren Barefoot is a writer, technologist and marketer who lives in Vancouver, Canada. While his undergraduate degree was in Creative Writing and Theatre, he always had a deep love of computers. Ever since his parents brought home their first dual disc drive IBM PC, he was smitten. So, mostly, he writes about technology.

Darren begins by telling us he’s been doing some serious thinking lately about how he wants to be remembered. Cut to a slide showing a tombstone that reads “He pimped some software”. (Darren’s day job is doing marketing for high-tech companies). He’s been contemplating on ways to change that, ways to leave a better legacy behind. Enter The Stacy. Darren met Stacy, who he believes is a homeless woman, near a hot dog stand in Vancouver. Occasionally, he used to buy her a hot dog. That little gesture, buying somebody lunch, that seemed like a minimum amount of charity you could do. One act, one meal, a few bucks. One day it dawned on him: “One meal, for one person….”. In Darren’s own words:

” We need a basic currency for measuring good deeds, so I’m going to go with the aforementioned lunch. One meal for one person. And, in honor of that woman by the hot dog stand, I’m calling it the Stacy. Buy one lunch for one person, and that’s a Stacy.

So, keep somebody alive for a year, and you’ve earned about 1100 Stacies. The actual dollar amount would vary depending where that person is in the world, but one lunch for one person equals one Stacy.”

Darren goes on to discuss many wonderful charities, and how we could do our part to help them, thus earning us Stacy’s.

The gist, folks, is to urge us to use our collective brainpower, our creative outlets, and our voices to make a difference. Don’t assume others can change the world without you. Each of us has power within ourselves to bring about change, do good, and impact ourselves and those around us. Don’t YOU want to leave behind a good legacy?
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