Upgrading RAM in MacBook Pro

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – The 17″ MacBook Pro sponsored by Blue Sky Factory for Gnomedex came with (2) 1GB sticks of RAM installed. I’ve decided to replace those with (2) 2GB sticks.

This really is a simple process. The first things you must do are to completely turn off the MacBook and take out the battery. Now, get a tiny little screwdriver and unscrew the cover for the RAM. I always try to keep the screws right in the holes, and just set that cover aside. Those screws are little, and could easily be swallowed by a pet or child. We now have to remove the old RAM. There is a little metal clip on either side of the RAM. Gently pull those aside, and firmly pull the memory up and out.

Be sure to again double check to make sure you have the proper type of memory to replace the old with. Be sure it has the same number of pins, the notch is in the same place, and it is the same type needed by your laptop or computer brand. In my case, I have 200 pins SODIMM.

Take the first RAM card and line up the notch. You need to put it in at a slight angle, pushing in and down firmly but gently. The RAM will snap into place easily. Once you have both in, put the cover back on and the battery back in, then power up.

Now that I’ve powered up, I can go up to the top corner and choose “About this Mac”. Right here, you can see that I now have 4GB of RAM installed. See how easy this was?

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