Who Wants to Win a Webcam?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Thanks to our friends at uStream, we get to give away one web cam per week. Watch as this weeks’ winner almost didn’t win.

I’m still working on getting a sponsor to sponsor a giveaway every day. There are two conditions you must meet in order to win. First, you have to be present in the chat room at the time of the drawing. Second, you need to be subscribed to our YouTube channel.

The name chosen tonight is Dennin. He was so shocked, he actually said he wasn’t subscribed to our YouTube channel! I started to move on to choose another name, and he pasted his link into the channel. As I was moving on looking for a new winner, everyone went crazy re-pasting the link until I saw it. Finally, Kat sent me a message on Yahoo to say that Dennin did indeed have a valid link. I went to check it out… and he IS subscribed! Several people in the channel felt it wasn’t ‘fair’ for some reason, so I asked Dennin to send me a message on YouTube from that account. He sent the message within a minute!

We have a winner, folks! Congratulations, Dennin!

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