Quad Core Gaming

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – I had a question sent in about processors. The question is whether or not a game made for single processor systems would run on a Quad Core system, only use one processor, or not work at all?

If you have a multi-core computer, you can still play games designed for single-core computers. The games may not be as fast, or work quite as well. Likewise, if a game developer says that the latest game was designed for dual or quad-core systems… it WILL still run on a single core system. The number of processors you have won’t determine whether the game works or not. It will work. That could, however, determine how well it works. Let your Operating System manage the way the game is run. It will know what to do.

How many processors do you have in your computer? I did a quick poll in our chat room. A large percentage of those who voted state that they have single or duo-core processors. Nine people claim to have EIGHT processors. Are you guys sure about that??

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