Web Music Communities for the New Musician

From “shaggysi0” in our live chat:

I really love music. I play guitar and bass and use the PC as a recording tool, currently running Adobe Audition for music production, which I find is a good, feature-packed, but easy-to-use application. About a year and a half ago, I was looking for a place on the web to share music that I had created. I was already familiar with SoundClick but the interface just didn’t do it for me….

I stumbled across iCompositions. I had a look round and signed up almost immediately, because I was impressed with the layout, the content, and the simple-but-attractive interface. The website is aimed mainly at… wait for it…. Macintosh users producing music with GarageBand and other production tools for the Mac. They don’t, however, discriminate you if you’re not using a Mac! But so many of the community members have recommended GarageBand and mac in general for music production.

This website opened doors for me, because community members comment and rate yours and each others work, and they also offer to “collaborate” with you, maybe on a remix, play an instrument on a piece already recorded, vocals on an instrumental, or whatever you want, really! It’s like going into a studio with some really talented musicians but all done from the comfort of your own home. I have written and recorded several collaborations with members of the community, and have made a couple of good friends on there. I think that, for music, this could be the way forward! Especially with a good community like iCompositions, which is my main “home-base” for sharing my musical work.

What are your views and opinions on this? and do you think this is worth doing some kind of video on, maybe to bring attention to this and other communities for people who are budding musicians (there can’t just be me in the chat surely?!)

Thank you for what you do in the tech community. See you later.

Hey, I’m all for sites and services that give you opportunities previously unattainable. I can tell you that when I put out the call for a weekly giveaway theme, we received a handful of very usable creations almost immediately.