OK… So I LIKE My iPhone

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Yes, I’ll admit it. I love my iPhone. The experience of using it is unparalleled by any other mobile device I’ve ever used. If you’re going to buy an iPhone, don’t do it because of the hype. Do it because it’s well worth it.

Yes, today I eat crow. Back on June 29th, I blogged about the 20 Reasons I would not be buying an iPhone. While those reasons are still valid in my opinion, my outlook has changed dramatically.

Ponzi bought me the iPhone for my birthday a few days ago. She’s right… I wanted it. I didn’t want the hype; I didn’t want to buy into all of that. I thought I couldn’t live with the shortcomings. But I admit… I was curious to try it for myself

The iPhone has blown me away. Today, I wrote out the 20 reasons I LIKE my iPhone. The small things are what impress me the most. For instance, I have tried three separate Windows-based Bluetooth devices in the past. The iPhone is the only one that sends the battery and signal strength to my dashboard where I can actually see it. How cool is that? It’s like my car got an upgrade instead of my phone.

More of the “little things” that have won me over:

  • Email is just easier to read. I was concerned about the functionality with Outlook, but this is just a delight.
  • This is by FAR the easiest mobile device to update I’ve come across. I turned on my iPhone; it asked me if I wanted to update. I told it yes; it updated… it was DONE.
  • I’m finding myself doing things I never did before on a phone. I can easily check the weather, look at stocks, and even pull up a map.
  • Microsoft has been developing operating systems for mobile devices for years. Yet the iPhone makes it look like a snap to open and read a Word document… first edition phone, right out of the gate. Now that is impressive.
  • It’s actually simple to switch between calls!

When you can’t wait to use your phone… you know it’s an experience.

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