iTunes Sucks – Chris has never really liked iTunes. While it has gotten marginally better over time, it just really isn’t as structured as it could be.

On Windows, iTunes is more of a hack or a shim than anything else: it looks and feels out of place, and doesn’t always play well with the operating system. Another problem is that iTunes is getting very bloated: it adds more Windows services now than it ever did in the past.

Matthew said someone in the chat room claimed that AAC was the iTunes format. It’s true that iTunes plays AAC and sells music with DRM in the AAC format, but AAC isn’t an iTunes-exclusive format.

QuickTime, iTunes, and RealPlayer all play AAC, an industry standard format. Windows Media Player, on the other hand, doesn’t play AAC, as Microsoft is trying to push its DRM format – WMA – on the industry.

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