Conference Marketing

The schedule for Gnomedex never seems to fully form until the weeks leading up to the actual event. Why? Well, just because. I guess we always hope for the best – and the best is usually what comes, thanks to rabid participation from our interactive conference marketing group. If you ever have a chance to hire them, they’re the best PR firm on the planet. They don’t distribute press releases for us, however. No…

…our marketing firm is our audience, which is largely comprised of the blogosphere.

Much like last year, we haven’t issued a single press pass (so you can ask for one, but we’re not very likely to oblige). We’re on the cusp of selling out seats in the main hall again, and already the demand for more room is being heard – my inbox fills up with 10 messages after I respond to 5. Indeed, this is a wonderful time – and I cherish every moment of it. Not sure I would care to do a conference any other way, quite honestly.