The Best FCC Regulation, Ever

New rules could rock wireless world, literally:

Coming soon could be a wireless broadband world in which consumers get to pick any smartphone or other device and load any software on it – not have to take what the wireless carrier wants to sell.

Dude. DUDE?! This can’t be true. I simply can’t believe that this is actually (possibly) happening. Of course, I’d imagine that Apple’s lobby won’t let it fly – but if they really, truly cared about users – as they claim – they won’t have a problem in opening up a little bit more and playing along with the rest of the consumer electronics world. The carriers and phone manufacturers must become more interoperable.

Under Martin’s proposal, to be circulated in the agency as early as Tuesday, mobile services in these airwaves would have to allow consumer choice.

They’re not going to like it. Then again, we’ve never liked them… so turnabout is fair play.

Some handset makers actually strip out Wi-Fi features at the request of U.S.-based carriers loath to allow any feature that could let users sidestep their fee-based services and applications. “I am concerned that we are seeing some innovations being rolled out more slowly here than we are in other parts of the world,” Martin said.

What?! They actually harm consumers, while at the same time claiming to help them?! Are you serious!? They would rather gouge us with needless services and taxes than provide us with stellar service and support?! They would rather lock us into contracts than let us flow freely throughout the galaxy?! You’re serious!? Where the hell is my interrobang key!?