Laptop vs Desktop – Compucraze64 from the chat room writes in:

For Christmas, you may or may not know I’m really hoping for a computer as long as I get half of the money for it. And I want a desktop computer. However, my dad disagrees and always says no and that I should get a laptop. I keep trying to convince him that a desktop contains more power and hard drive space for less cost. But, he insists on a laptop. Is there any other way I can convince him into a desktop instead of a laptop.

The real question here is: which is better for your lifestyle?

A laptop has a huge advantage for students and people on the go: mobility. Laptops offer the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to take your laptop almost anywhere. While you may not have as much power, you’ll be able to take everything with you much more easily then it would be to drag a desktop across the city.

Desktops do offer more performance per dollar, but they are stationary, and getting your data around can be a bit more difficult.

Chris recommends making an argument – a list of positive reasons – why a desktop would be better to own than a laptop.

Can you help compucraze64 build a list of reasons for getting a desktop or against getting a laptop?

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