Ponzi Got an iPhone?!?!

Technology is an amazing thing, isn’t it? The digital world is the only thing that could provide us Easter Eggs that aren’t made of chocolate and spam made of greeting cards – not even Hormel could have through of that one! Of course, technology also brought about a new kind of person: the power user. And, it’s these power users that help people understand the world of technology, including domain name and the iPhone.

And yes, though she hasn’t been very public about it: Ponzi purchased an iPhone right before our mini-vacation this weekend. I went ballistic – up until the point where she started having problems with it. Then i started laughing – and then I started sleeping on the couch. Coincidence? George Noory says there’s no such thing as coincidences. Then again, George has never met Ponzi. I have stopped laughing long enough to recover 15 Health points and 25 Experience points.

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